Community team updates

Hey friends,

Wanted to share a life update with you all… I have accepted a new job opportunity and will be leaving Patreon. This will be my last week working with all of you incredible creators.

@Danya_Shults will continue to lead the way for the Patreon community, along with a few other teammates as the team continues to grow and evolve. (Not to spoil anything, but there are some really amazing things coming).

I know this past year of pandemic has been a whole lot of awful, but I consider myself so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with such resilient, creative, and hard-working people during it. Creators are changing the freaking game and I can’t wait to keep cheering you on.

Thank you for being a part of this community with me, and for inspiring me to keep creating. I hope our paths cross again one day!

All the hugs,

Me, to all of you:


Good luck on your new adventure! :wave:

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Good lick with your new job @reyna and thanks for all your help here! :kiss:


Best wishes on your new endeavors! :slight_smile:


@reyna Good luck on your next adventure!

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Congrats on the new gig!! Proud of you @reyna

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So… @Danya_Shults .

Hello. How about those amazing things? What can you share with us about them?


For starters, and in the most bittersweet way, I’m excited to find another fabulous, kind, generous, helpful community manager to join our team!

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Thank you for all your help this past year. Best of luck with your new job!

@reyna Congrats, Reyna! I really appreciated all your friendly help on Patreon this past year :heart:

I’ll miss you!! Best wishes!!