Confusing for patrons to update their payment info

We recently heard from a patron whose payment method was declined. It took him quite some time to figure out how to straighten out the issue. He wrote and said to us, "Unfortunately, the part to change/update payments is called “transfer membership”. Since I did not want to transfer membership, I never selected that option. But I eventually did and got it straight.

You should tell Patreon that better clarity would help us users when we try to do such things. They wanted to transfer the billing on the membership…not to transfer the membership."

So I’m not sure who I should be trying to tell this to, but I thought I’d try posting it here!


I’ve run into this as well. I’ve taken to messaging my declines with this information.


Yeah, I just heard from one of my Patrons about this too – they were trying to update their CC info, and it was not clear as to how to do this. It did, eventually, get sorted, but it was not clear.


I guess this shows that there is an issue with the UI on this. It makes me wonder how many patrons don’t get it sorted out and just give up.


YES! Thanks for drawing attention to this. I’ve heard from patrons who’ve given up or had to create a new account to change their credit card info.


This has been a problem for me, too.

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When a patron of mine is declined, I send them an email with a link to this page:

This page used to be a bit hard to follow (in my opinion), but I think they have made it better in the last few months.


Thanks for the feedback around this. I will definitely share this with the team as this is exactly the kind of patron experience we want to make as seamless as possible.


I got an email today from a vendor we use, letting me know that our card had expired and that I needed to update the info. Here’s the salient part of what it said:

To unlock your account, please visit and update your payment information.

This is exactly how this should be. A single link, that takes you directly to what you need to do. A process this crucial shouldn’t require a Help Center document. For example, imagine if we could just send people this:

To update your payment information, please visit

… and then when they land on that page, there’s contextual help in the UI pointing them toward what they need to do – salient fields surrounded by red box-frames, that sort of thing. How great would that be? :slight_smile: