Connecting exit survey with patron

In the exit surveys I see why people left, but I don’t see the names of the patrons. In the notifications I can see the name of Patron who left but not the reason.

Is there a way to combine the two besides manually trying to match up the dates?

If not, then having this connection could help sending an exit-thank-you to the patrons who left and remind them that they can still follow us without paying money.

This seems like an intentional choice. If I was your patron, I wouldn’t want to fear any kind of specific message from you after leaving. It would be exceptionally difficult to do this kind of communication without leaving the patron guilt-tripped or feeling smothered.


Hey @szabgab, exit surveys are anonymous for patrons privacy. We talk a little bit about this here.

Yeah, thanks for the explanation.

I’m not sure what you expect to accomplish, @reyna, as it’s fairly easy for me to know who left what feedback if I simply review the cancellations. All it does is require me to take a couple of extra steps. Why make it hard for me to do that? Again, you’re not paying attention to the needs of creators. In this case, it’s trying to hide information which can’t really be hidden, as we can easily determine who canceled their pledge.

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It may be fairly easy for you because you have a low exit count but it’s still a privacy protection for the patron who has no clue that you only have one exit every once in awhile. Still, exit surveys are anonymous. Just like when you review a professor at school. I wouldn’t fill out the survey if the creator knew I answered it.

I would suggest that patrons be given the OPTION to leave their name. Many -do not know- that a name isn’t left and when communicating with me, expect it would say their name and are surprised when i say it doesn’t.

Some folks even put their name in the description because they KNOW it doesn’t share their name and they don’t want to be a faceless person on that list.

Just having an optional field for their name would be extremely useful and would be consent to them giving it and those that don’t want to give it, don’t have to.


It’s not privacy protection except by obfuscation, and all that is necessary is a bit of coding and a CSV download a couple of times a day (or more, if necessary). So it doesn’t really provide privacy, it provides the illusion of privacy. And that’s worse than no privacy at all!

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Yeah I have this experience too. Often folks leave a note like I know who they are. I know from cancelling a pledge myself that we don’t get told that it is anonymous when we leave an exit survey.

I like that suggestion @Temrin, I’ll definitely share it! Thanks.

Thank you Reyna!

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