Connecting With Other Visual Artists

Since I’m not sure exactly how groups get made here and i don’t see one for visual artists yet, I am wanting to post this to connect with other visual artists here.

No matter your work, safe for work or not, real life or fantasy, digital or traditional, drawing or crafting, whatever you do, share your links to your patreon pages, social media and maybe a little bit about what you do and why. (Just be sure to put a warning in your post if the links you are sending to are Not Safe For Work.)

Perhaps this can be a place where visual artists can also find other artists for joint projects and/or inspiration if anyone is looking.


My name is Jessica, better known as Temrin in the online world. I am a fantasy and anthropomorphic artist from Canada. I am studying and experimenting to create works that aren’t solely in the above fields and am always trying to learn and improve. I find great enjoyment out of drawing fantasy and letting my imagination take wing though i want to be able to expand my art horizons and do more landscapes, humans and man made creations as they are something I currently struggle with. I also delve into some erotic and nude works and as such, my links below state if they are safe for work or not. Those that contain NSFW content are likely to only contain nudity to be in compliance with that site’s rules so you aren’t going to be bombarded with lewd imagery.

(Occasionally NSFW) DeviantArt | (Occasionally NSFW) Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | (Occasionally NSFW) Tumblr

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Hi there! I’m Janet, and I create nature-inspired work - like landscapes, leaf still life drawings, land art - in watercolours, ink, coffee, and also found/discarded objects. I also share eco art by other artists on (send me a mail at if your work fits our aims/philosophy!) / Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Vimeo


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL work, Janet!

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Thank you, Jessica! You’ve also got some mad skills with your work - and I know how much time your art must take!!

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Thank you so much, Janet! :blush:

Lisa here. I paint, do mixed media stuff, and also design products, like the oracle deck that just ended on Kickstarter. I generally film as I paint, and do horrifically bad video lessons and speed throughs for my patrons.

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Beautiful work, @lisavollrath! I really love your use of colour and your videos are far from horrific! They are rather fun to watch and in general, watching someone go step by step through a piece is fascinating to me. :smiley:

Hi! I’m Angela Cross, but folks call me Lochy. I make fantasy art and work mostly with digital art, though I’ve been playing around with markers a bit lately. I’m kind of in a phase where I’m not sure where I’m going with my art; some days my characters want to be in a multi-book series, sometimes a graphic novel, or a webcomic, or even short comic strips. Until I figure it out I’m going back to basics and re-learning portraiture in an effort to improve my artwork. I love that Patreon allows me to come full stop with product creation and change focus and just dig in to improving.

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You have some really terrific work, Lochy! (Also, props to you for keeping up two patreon projects at once. I did that for a few years and ended up merging them because it ended up becoming too much.)

Good luck with figuring all that out! I entirely understand how that goes and i think it is something artists go through many times. Going back to the basics is a great idea. :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m not artist myself. But I’m in touch with one. She is helping me in our game development.
She is mostly drawing anthro characters and furry, but she is very talented and can draw absolutely anything.

On patreon (NSFW?) | On Furaffinity (NSFW) | On patreon as part of game-dev


Wonderful work! Definitely watching her now. Taking a quick peek at the game and the intro video there, it’s looking really good! I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the follows! I’m following you back on all the things. <3 It’s funny you say that about my two Patreons because I just looked at ALL your reward tiers and was blown away. No way could I keep up with all of that! Technically my second Patreon is just the nsfw reward tier portion of the first one so it’s not exactly a separate project and the main one is basically a tip jar.

Definitely lookin’ forward to hittin’ my 50 patron goal so I can get some commission art and I see you have a commission tier… :wink:

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Thank you so much for following back!

I was basically doing what I’m doing now x2, it was insaaaane. My current stuff is mostly just bundles of stuff I’m already doing so it isn’t a whole lot of extra work. The commissions are the brunt of it for sure but they are keeping a roof over my head so i can’t complain (I’m a bit of a workaholic. I like being busy all the time hehe.)

Good luck on hitting 50! That’s a really exciting number. Bot’s keep inflating my numbers but one day i will get there too. :star_struck: I would be happy to do something for you sometime!

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Hey! Nice post over here, I am a 3D artist and have been a Patreon user for the last 9 months, glad to hear from other artist that are part of the community. I have a free Youtube channel with tons of tutorials and a premium tutorial system here at patreon.

I have been making tutorials for anything related to 3D and right now I have an interesting event of 17 lessons on 17 days here at patreon. 4/17 are done and I think I will reach the goal if everything goes ok. Hope to follow you all !

Website | My Patreon | My artstation | My Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube


I’m glad you like to thread! You have some amazing work! I’m definitely intrigued. I’ll have to delve into more if it down the road. :smiley:

Oh yeah, that would be WAY too much for me if it was double instead of just an added component. I wish I was quicker and more skilled so I could take on commissions. I used to back in the day and had so many I couldn’t keep up with it, but it is definitely good money. I wish I could be injected with a little workaholism. :wink::syringe::pencil2::pencil2::pencil2::paintbrush::paintbrush::moneybag: I am so low energy it’s difficult for me to maintain a consistent workload.

I’ve only got 18 right now combining the two Patreons and it’s been flatlining a bit this year, but I’ll keep at it! <3 On another note, do you know of any art improvement groups? I usually make pretty good improvement on my own, but I’ve hit a kind of plateau skill-wise and I’m ready to push through it but I think I’m going to need help.

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I definitely understand being low energy. I had to make a lot of changes to various parts of my life to start being able to do things at a more consistent pace myself. I was always tired or tired so easily that getting even the bare minimum of life needs done was difficult. I hope you find something that works for you!

As for improvement groups, not specifically. Perhaps you may want to start something here in the Patreon Community for a group improvement/crit discussion and resource sharing thread? (Personally, i work best with a small group and with people whom we share a mutual respect and understanding. I’ve had way to many cases of unspecific criticism that were entirely unhelpful so i look to surround myself with those who can give good solid constructive crits that actually help me understand what I should focus on. People who also have varied life experiences and styles as well helps to get a broader perspective. I find that to be more helpful but that might just be me!) I know of some great resources though. What are you looking to improve on? I might have some relevant resources that might help!

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I’m focusing on portraiture right now. I can draw anything with a reference, but without one I start losing it. As a result my style has been very simplified and I’m trying to increase details, have more interesting angles, and push facial expressions, but who has time to look for the perfect reference or Frankenstein a reference for every picture? This is why I’ve been going back to basics. I know proportions for forward, 3/4, and profiles, but change the angle of any of that and weird stuff starts happening. I’ve found a good online book reference for building skills with that specifically, but sometimes I have questions about what I’m working on a book can’t answer. Like you, I want specific technical critique and methods, specifically for face/head structures.

I’m also trying to learn how to use my new tablet and Clip Studio Paint at the same time and I think I might be better off if I just back it up and focus on portraiture with a pencil in a sketchbook. This old dog can still learn new tricks, but I think I might be trying to learn too much simultaneously.

The most recent picture I’m workin’ on has been givin’ me fits. I showed it to some artist friends and they say it looks okay. And that’s the problem: it’s okay, but it’s nothing special. Mediocrity hasn’t gotten me any new patrons this year. I’m ready to level up so any resources you have will be greatly appreciated! :grinning:

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Perhaps this might be helpful to you then,

Also, you may want to try “DesignDoll” - It is a program with a pre-built 3D model, while a bit stylized there are some decent options. There is a free version (basically you cannot save your models and poses or input new models BUT I just take screenshots of what it looks like when i’ve found what I want and go off that for reference if i cannot find what I’m looking for or don’t have someone i can take a photo of for my references.)

On the flip side of that, if you’d prefer to make it yourself, try Sculptris! It is a free 3D modeling program that, to me, feels about as close as you can get to actually modeling clay. digitally. I use this often to make head models for myself for various creatures. It’s very simple compaired to the bigger programs which helps it run well on older computers and keeps it simple for the user. (An example of a dragon head i did, )

Hopefully that helps a little bit :slight_smile:

I can’t help you much with CSP as I’m only just learning it myself. (I use SAI, primarily, but i really want to move to CSP. It is just hard to switch over when you are still creating client custom work. Gotta use what you are used to and what will get them their product in a decent amount of time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Perhaps trying it on paper and then re-drawing it in CSP?