Connecting With Other Visual Artists

Huh. I thought I had already posted here, but I didn’t find it so I guess I haven’t.

My plans are to create a “one-man anthology” comic series (only one creator and more than one story). I’m using Patreon to post comics, and point out public posts of interest from other creators.

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Awesome, I am creating CGI visual effects here. Glad to see a lot of us here. :slight_smile:


Hello! A lot of my work contains visual art (along with writing and music). I am working on a multimedia cyberpunk expansion of Jack Kirby’s New Gods. (I hope to gain DC Comics attention one day - it would be cool to make a New Gods manga professionally!) : - ) Some of my art is below!


You have some very lovely work!


Hi! I’m May, from Brazil. My patreon is for both my art and my writing. Here are a few examples of my artworks:

My patreon:


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3D modelers and animators here

I am so lost here. I wasn’t much of a Patron before making my creator account and I can’t find easy ways to browse other creators to see what’s going on or how things work. I am very committed to this being part of my revenue stream but I am frustrated and afraid.

That’s quite a common feeling, I fear. Especially since no one really cares to reply you: the best you can obtain out of here is a like or two on your first posts…

Who in your particular artistic scene has a Patreon? What does it look like? What have they said about what works for them?

Who’s posted some stuff in this thread that you like? What’s their page look like?

Ask your fans: are they supporting anyone else’s Patreons? Was there anything in particular that made them decide to support those folks? Some perk?

Your profile here says you are a “Yoga and Fitness Teacher, Dance Teacher, Burlesque Artist” and this is a thread full of people who draw stuff, some of what’s working for us is gonna work for anyone, but a lot of it’s probably not gonna work for you.

(I sure do get a lot of hits if I type ‘burlesque patreon’ into duckduckgo, for instance: take a look at a random selection of those results, who’s making a decent amount and what are they doing? Same with ‘patreon yoga’, and probably the same with ‘patreon dance teacher’ though I suspect that might require a bit more careful crafting of your search string.)

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time browsing for creators and feel so frustrated. If you aren’t able to find creators through the explore option on the Patreon website, I highly suggest joining our Discord server! We have channels set up by industry to make it eaiser to chat with and connect with like-creators.

We also have this very Help Center section: Creator Resources with articles to help you get started.

I hope these help! Feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions, I’m always happy to help.

Taylor. I share your frustrations. I’m up to a modest 23 subscribers but it’s enough to where I’d love to support some other creators but there is no good way to browse pages. @reyna you mention an explore option but unless you know exactly who your looking for the search function is useless. Why is there no way to browse people’s pages by what they create (ie visual artists, podcasters, musicians, etc) similar to kickstarter?

Hey @Joel_Cammarata, I hear you. We have an old blog post that explains this and goes into more detail. But good news - with our new series E funding, we’ll be focusing on bringing new discovery tools to the platform soon! I don’t have a timeline for you just yet but we’ll let you know when things are changing.

Thanks @reyna, appreciate the response. The blog post does well to lay out the position, but can’t say I agree with it at all. As a creator I put time in where the eyes are (for me that’s on IG), I kind of regard putting posts up on my Patreon site as a chore. Until you get to a substantial subscriber amount, there’s little return.
Honestly take me as an example, I literally have money in my hand I want to give to other creators, but have no way of finding them. I did a couple ‘creator searches’ with some interest but that’s a dead end. You’re leaving money on the table. YouTube is now rolling out channel specific subscriptions and I’m sure other platforms like IG + Spotify won’t be far behind setting up creator support options.

Hi! I joined Patreon last year, but only just joined the forum here today :slight_smile:.

A little about me, I love history and fantasy, and both are a common theme across all of my creative medias. Primarily, I’m a jeweller specializing in historical and fantasy inspired designs, but, recently, life has caused me to veer in some new directions. A bad situation at my ‘day-job’ caused me to really take up fiction writing as an escape and that lead me to self-publishing my first novel which, in turn, lead me to digital painting as I decided to do my own cover art. Here are a couple examples of my work, hope you like them!

Patreon link:
Author Website:

Sorry, if that’s too many links! It’s the problem of being a varied artist!


@reyna Any update on the addition of discovery tools (or plans to)?


We are WrathfulHart Webtoons, a duo of a writer and an artist. Hart, which would be myself writing and the author and storyboard for the webtoon Penthos, is an author-to-be with my first novel currently in the editing phases. Zimister, or Zimi, Zimzim, Zimzam, is the artist who helps bring to life the story through traditional art.

Our comic, Penthos, showcases two styles (three really if you count my digital touch ups) of art. Water color and cross hatching ink.

For the visual aspects, of why we are here, we would like to connect with other creators as well! For Zim, to learn from others and to hone her craft.

Our comic can be found on WebToons and Tapas, or this link (

Our Instagram is:


And finally, our patreon is:

I look forward to making meaningful connections and discuss experiences and possible collaborations!

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That’s really cool! You’re another upcoming author? Would you like to connect perchance?

I really love that Little Red Riding Hood painting you have. The contract of her reds against the harsh trees and hidden wolf pops! The red eye, while not as subtle as the hidden wolf himself is a nice touch as well!

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I really cool. I love the landscapes and the environments you put together.

Thank you! I am :slight_smile: working on my second novel currently (or, again, I should say; laptop malfunction corrupted the whole file when I was just days away from finishing and I’m having to restart :sob:). Sure! I gave your Patreon page a follow and will look up your other links.

Thank you! I really loved painting that one (that was actually only the second digital painting I’d ever made). One of my former art professors was always going on about how important it was to ‘share your colours’ in a piece so that everything blended well and wasn’t left jarring. I thought making the wolf’s eye red would be a good way to do that :slight_smile: .