Contact Pledging on and off ... My message to him

Thank you for becoming a Patron.

I can see that you became a Patron on the 8th of September and you edited your pledge on the 9th of September before cancelling shortly after.
I am happy you are a Patron again however I have zero tolerance for Patrons who pledge then cancel just to see my updates or download material. Such accounts promptly have their payment method blocked meaning they won’t be able to become a Patron of this page anymore (unless you have another card or paypal account).
I am sorry if I come across rude. This is not a threatening email saying “Once you become a Patron you will have to pay the pledge or you will be blocked”.
I have a lot of people pledging then cancelling within the same month before they get charged. This is totally understandable. If I am not providing what you are looking for then why would you want to stay?

However, accounts engaging in activity such as pledging and cancelling multiple times will be blocked.
Such activities are harmful for both of us and I feel really sorry when I have to take such drastic actions.

You pledge at the beginning of September then cancel shortly after. Noe you are back with us (exciting).
I assume you know the type of content I produce as this is not the first time you check my feeds. If you cancel before the September pledge is processed there is a chance your payment method will be blocked.

I hope you understand that.
Enjoy the lessons :slight_smile:

Marco, I’m sorry this happened to you.
Have you considered enabling charge upfront?
I had this happened twice and it was really, really frustrating, but once I switched to charge upfront, it did not happen again (yet)… something to consider.

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How frustrating! If this is happening a lot, definitely consider changing to “Charge up front”. That way, even if your patron cancels within the month, you still have one payment from them.