Content Organization Thoughts

I’ve been reading lots of your thoughts about tags, featured tags, and wanted to specifically ask you for your feedback around this one thing: arranging your content on your page. It seems there are two different purposes, one for your fans, and one for your patrons.

For your fans (not yet patrons), you want…

  1. Engaging content upfront
  2. Showcase why they should join your Patreon
  3. Ability to view content at scale (grid view, example)

For your patrons, you want…

  1. Organization so they can find all the previous things shared for that tier
  2. An easy way to access an archive

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Does this sound right? What am I missing about content organization?


Something that doesn’t make patrons scroll to much and appealing folders :3. Along something to organize content and folders in a faster way without having to click an edit button for each post one by one.


Folders and gallery views are a great way to present content itself. Look at sites like youtube, thumbnails and grid views showing a lot of content that is easy to see everything.

Some way to exclude or sort content would be nice too since I’d just like to be able to put a spot to show everyone “this is what you want to see.”

Maybe even making it so image posts can be scrolled through in a full screen view. Like if you make a google photo gallery and dump a bunch of images into it, you can just scroll through them all without returning to the thumb view.

I think it’s a bit weird that Patreon has been focusing entirely on the wrong part of getting people to sign up for my campaigns. Shoving membership options at them and making these things more prominent, I don’t think it’s hard to sign up for my campaign, the hard part right now is showing them examples of what I offer.

Once I have them on my page, I have their interest already, what I need at that point is a way to give them example of what they’ll be getting. I wish there was a way to do that without breaking the adult content filter rules. Maybe a way for us to make example posts, with a sub-section on our pages where we actually show examples of the content they’d be getting from those tiers in the form of example content posts (that would could specifically design to have sfw images in the example posts). Or partial public posts, where the entirely of the post is free, but the public post might have a censored or blurred image, or slightly different content for someone who hasn’t pledged.

I think those are useful for sfw creators to that don’t make a lot of their private content public too.

Because Patreon itself doesn’t push creators or help advertise, once they are on our pages they are already considering becoming members, what we need at that point is a way to show them (through teasers or examples), what they are missing.

Seeing 10 posts that have 0 information on them but blurred images and cropped text that makes no sense doesn’t help a lot. If you had some sort of gallery for videos and images, they could click “gallery” and see a list of public and private images and they could visually see what they are missing.

“Oh this creators gallery has 600 images that I’d be able to look through if I pledged” or tons of comic pages, or dozens of videos. Similarly, people at lower tiers would see content they don’t YET have access to and want to raise their pledges to see it.

You have the right idea on what I think we’d like to show off our content, I just think Patreon has been focusing on the wrong reasoning for us wanting features.


Content organization was way worse when Pateron launched (before tags were around) so I created a separate website to index all my patreon content

I still update it from time to time (Its a few months behind right now) because I find it easier to find old posts and I know the site is searchable by Google while patron only posts are not SEO friendly.

I do dislike the infinite scrolling page for posts on Patreon. I would prefer static page numbers because that would allow me to get to older content more quickly.


Your :todo list seems accurate. Currently, Patreon is completely useless for patrons seeking organization or archive access. I would add to #3 the option of grid view or a consolidated list view (i.e. don’t force us to show a grid view — give us choices that suit our content).

Difficulty finding archive content has been our #1 complaint, and our #1 reason for losing subscribers.

I agree with @rppr about us needing to create less-than-ideal workarounds. Early on, I tagged every bit of content to make it easy for patrons to find. If tags were organized alphabetically, this would have been the end of the story. Unfortunately, tags are disorganized, seemingly at random, making it useless for anyone looking for specific content. Like @rppr, as a workaround I created an index on our separate web site. (For anyone interested:

I also agree with @watsup that people need to see examples, not membership options. The content also needs to be organizable by a) the creator and b) the user. For our page, image posts are not super useful, because we are all audio — so Patreon should allow the option of thumbnail view vs list view (like most modern content apps), allow users to see everything that’s available, allow us to organize content in ways that don’t require our subscribers to scroll endlessly through browsers and “load more” links, until they get frustrated and leave the platform entirely.

FWIW, over the last 18 months, I have requested several times that Patreon address the issue of organization & archived content. Via Patreon’s helpdesk, we received zero response to our 3-4 requests (not even a reply, much less any follow-up or feedback on the request). At Patreon-on-Tour back in February, we also brought up this issue; the team and many creators agreed that it needed to be fixed — but that was over 6 months ago! It would really be wonderful if we could finally address this issue.

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Ability to search the content, at least for us, but possibly for the patrons too. That would be a big help, especially to those of us who post a lot of content, and have been on Patreon for several years.

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I would love to see the ability to create folders/categories like YouTube’s playlists, so we can sort our content however best suits our work and our audience. Tags kind of do this, but since they’re limited and organized chronologically, they have limited value.

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One of the coolest features on Tumblr that I really haven’t seen elsewhere other than Discord is an image archive. Just show me all the images from the posts I have access to would be a really cool feature. Essentially a gallery page. The same would be helpful for videos and the like. Categories shown inline.

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Yeah image archive/grid view would be amazing. I for one don’t want to have to scroll down endlessly to find other creators (that i’m supporting) old work. It’s boring and I don’t have the time. If I could see thumbnails of all previous posts then I could just click on one of those and go straight to it. Sorted by month perhaps. This would be amazing to have!


Tags. I can tag by project, but I have (a lot) of various projects and patterns, so some projects fall off under the ‘more tags’.

And options to sort, as well – a photo gallery style would be -so- useful, especially if images could be in more then one gallery (Ex: If I tag an image as “Striped hat” and “Featured Pattern”, it would show up in both the “Striped Hat” and “Featured Pattern” galleries).

I also love the idea of partially public posts. For me, I’d love a sample image, but then locked post text or attachments (“Hey, here’s a picture of the thing you can make – become a patron to get the pattern instructions!”)

And, please, don’t force stuff! I’m in a small niche on Patreon (there are a few knitting/crocheting/spinning folks, but not many), and there are some things that would not work for me. Please let us choose what our best layout(s) are!