Conversation hangout

Greetings All,

In today’s special offer product demo cast, I brought up the idea of setting up a video conference for some of us to talk and work through this launch together.

Anyone interested in this? I would say we cap it to 5 people and 90 minutes. That way each person can get time to talk and to discuss with others on their Patreon Page and Special Product Launch.

I’d be more than happy to start off the first one using Google Hangouts this weekend. And maybe we can have others schedule some hangouts as well.

Anyone interested?


Love this idea, @practicallytactical! Let me know if you need any help from us or @laurab to set it up.

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I’m interested. @practicallytactical

I live in Istanbul so I might have a time difference with you… if it’s not smack dab in the middle of the night that would be helpful :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward. Very Best, Nes

I’m interested. Thank you for your leadership. @practicallytactical