Converting "Followers"

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody had any clever methods they’ve used for converting “Followers” to become subscribers? I’ve got a bunch of followers on my account that I’d love to see become paying members, but since I can’t reach them directly (since there’s no feature to message them) it means I’ve got to post some sort of open to the public content that will engage them enough to subscribe (unless someone else has another clever method).

I’d love to hear if any of you guys have had any luck on this!



Hey Glenn,

Thanks for making this thread and reaching out! I checked and we don’t have a blog around this subject but I think it’s a great question that could be explored by the content team — it’s on their radar now! I also passed the thought about not being able to interact with followers to the product team.

It sounds like you’re on the right track though! Maybe try posting something that is normally exclusive to a patron-only tier with something like, “Here is a free sample of what patrons at $x tier are receiving every month for those just checking out the page or following.”

Hopefully others here might have more ideas for you :slight_smile:

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Create great content, and post it regularly.

Find a way to attach your Patreon link to everything you do, in a way that says “this is supported by patrons on Patreon, so if you like it, and want to see more, become a patron”.

Rinse, repeat.

Also, I’ve been keeping an email list since forever. I started by using my address book, moved to a Yahoo group set on announcements only (remember when those were a thing?), and now use Mad Mimi. I have sub lists for things like Kickstarter backers, longtime subscribers who will follow me anywhere, people who participate in creative collaborations. While social media is great, you are often at the mercy of whatever policies a platform suddenly imposes (hello Facebook, and the throttling algorithm that is choking the life out of pages). There is nothing more useful than having the email addresses of people who like your work, want to hear from you, when you want to promote something you’re doing.


As a follower of a LOT of creators (between 100-200), the creators that stick out most in my mind are the ones who publish public content regularly. I’ve turned off all email notifications, but I look in my Patreon feed almost daily. There are probably less than 20 creators who regularly make public posts and they are ALL the highest paid of those I can see earnings OR have the highest level of patronage. They post consistently and every time I consider which creator to support next, they are at the top of the list because those public posts work like advertisements keeping them at the forefront of my mind.

I treat my followers on Patreon differently than my followers on other social media. Patrons get early access, but the followers on Patreon get access immediately after. It may be days, weeks, or months before the same artwork shows up on my other social media. Followers on Patreon are one step removed from patrons, because I know they didn’t sign up to browse the free art, because you can’t do that with any sort of ease across the platform. Their intent is different from someone following me on instagram, deviantart, or Facebook. But I know they don’t follow me to get ads directed at them becoming a patron every day either. Those people will become patron either when they can afford to, or when the worth of what I’m doing becomes apparent to them, or they are other creators seeing how I am running my Patreon and never will be patrons. So I keep working to make what I’m doing worth something to them.


you could follow steps from Nataly Dawn, especially number 3, creating the sense of urgency with a countdown for a ‘perk’ - fans name on your work/product:

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