Cosplayers on Patreon!

Hi there! Looking for other cosplayers out there to hear what they’ve done successfully through Patreon, or maybe what hasn’t worked so well for them!

I’ve been on Patreon as a cosplayer for about 8 months and it’s been going SO WELL and I’m really happy with it overall. I use Patreon to directly fund cosplay projects, and use Patreon features like polls, exclusive Patron-only sharing, etc to keep my Patrons involved in my projects. I’m hoping to grow my Patron base by offering nice rewards (prints mostly) and staying transparent about what my funds are used for each month.

Any other tips for a cosplayer on Patreon~? Questions, suggestions, complaints~?


Honestly, that’s pretty much what I do too! I let my patrons know exactly what’s going on in my head like what I’m considering cosplaying, what I’m going to do, what I’m currently working on with pictures, keeping them updated on photoshoot information, early image access from photoshoots before the public gets them, I also do boudoir so certain tiers get that as well, and it works well for me! I personally suck at sending out prints because I’m horrible at using the physical mail because I’m younger and am completely in the technology age, so I don’t have prints but I still have polaroids and post cards up! I also let my patrons know exactly what I’m doing with my funds for the month like you mentioned, and letting them choose what I’ll be doing like they picked my project for June! The main way I reach out to my patrons is just constantly updating them. I try to post every 1-2 days so they know exactly what’s going on and my progress with each thing I’m doing and what I’m planning on cosplay and convention wise. Honestly, what you’re doing is very similar to what I’m doing as well. I’d maybe offer a snapchat if you haven’t already? Cause that way you can take lots of easy progress pictures and post them immediately without having go through the patreon app and all, or maybe a discord server to talk about assistance with cosplay and all or advice and whatnot! Idk, just a suggestion! :slight_smile: But keep doing what you’re doing as well!

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How do you like using the polaroids? I can’t really afford a camera right now but I think my patrons would really love getting polaroids.
And snapchat! That’s a great idea because I don’t use snapchat at all and it would be totally exclusive for patrons. Is there something special I should do when setting it up to make my account like…private or something?
Thank you for your feedback and for sharing!!!

Just wanted to add that Patreon are working on a new app called Patreon Lens, which will be very similar to Snapchat, and will probably be much more practical to use for patrons only instead of Snapchat. :slight_smile: I don’t know when it is going to be finished though, I want to try it noow! :stuck_out_tongue:

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