Costs to upgrade to a Team account

Hey team,

This is as much a concern or request from a creator as it is from a customer. Right now, the cost to upgrade my campaign to one that allows me to have team members is extremely steep, and simply very hard to rationalize. The 4 percent increase in cost is just…a lot. And, really, its benefits aren’t worth the price hike.

I have no interest in a Dedicated Partner Manager, which simply sounds like a fluffier term for better customer support. Unless there is a detailed guide that explains what that Manager provides for me, the only reaction I have for the benefit is a resounding “I don’t need it”. I’ve gotten to where I am because I can handle my page and my content, and I’m sure that a lot of other creators feel this way as well.
These managers are obviously the major cost to you as a company, which I totally get, and is why the 4% increased cost is needed. However, the other benefit, the team accounts, is strictly a digital switch that needs to be turned on. For that reason, I have a very hard time understanding why I need to spend hundreds more each month to get a team-accessible account.

I believe that the following is a better pricing plan that will attract a lot more creators to jump on the feature and make incremental upgrades:

  • A fee of $50 a month per additional team member on your Pro account. We can add or remove members as needed.
  • We can upgrade our Pro plan to a Premium one for an extra 2%, instead of 4%, that lets us pay our team members directly from our Patreon earnings: allowing them to take a percent of monthly earnings or a flat amount. This would also let us give our team members more exact limits on what they can and cannot do on the account.
  • Call the current Premium plan the Executive plan instead, which comes with the partner manager person from your team. And be very clear about what that involves, because right now, it’s super vague.

I would love to have team members. I would love to pay them each month directly from my earnings. But paying 4% to you each month for a simple upgrade feels exploitative, and doesn’t make me want to upgrade because I feel taken advantage of.

I’m proud of Patreon for making great changes lately and trying to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world. I’m very grateful that I can be a creator full-time because of the platform. I want to see it continue to grow and succeed, and while I do not mind you taking percentages of my income to support yourself, I do want to feel as though my plan costs are earning me services that are relevant to me.


Hi @TheGriffonsSaddlebag, thank you for reaching out to provide your feedback. We hear you. We realize that team team accounts can drastically change your workflow and productivity, though the 4% difference is a difficult pill to swallow. I love your ideas for a smaller percentage for just team access, or a fee per teammate. I will be sure to share your thoughts with the team and keep you updated if these changes are implemented. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

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Let me add my voice to this.

I’ve wanted team access since you introduced the membership tiers. But that’s all I want, team members.

I’m an adult creator, so I literally couldn’t care less about merch. Seriously. My readers don’t want to advertise that they read adult content. That’s the whole point of having e-readers and smart phones in the first place—other people can’t judge my patrons for what they don’t see or even suspect.

So the Premium membership tier is simply too much money for the benefit I’d get from it. Like the OP, I don’t care about a Dedicated Partner Manager.

(On that account, Patreon hasn’t done nearly enough to sell a Partner Manager as a benefit. What do they do? How do they make my life easier? How to they increase my productivity and membership? I pay a VA to handle a lot of my routine business, and she’s worth 10x what I pay her. What does a Patreon DPM do for me? I’m ranting… but my point stands.)

Back to the point. I would gladly pay for team access, either à la carte (per team member) or at a creator tier where I don’t have to pay a lot of money for things I don’t need (DPM) and things that are less than useless to me (merch).

Like the OP said, unbundle the benefits and I think you’ll have a lot more creators who’re willing to pay for the individual features that benefit them.


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We’re in the same boat…we could really use the team member feature but don’t really need anything else in the premium tier. In addition to that we’re considered too “small” to be eligible for the premium tier anyways. Definitely would be useful to separate the team feature somehow and enable it independently of the Patreon tier.

Thank you both for chiming in! I’ll share your thoughts with the team, and like I said before, keep you updated if these changes are implemented.