Counter a fake DMCA and Legal team not responding

On september both of my patreon accounts got hit by a fake DMCA report. On October 1th I sent a counter DMCA for my nsfw account, and on October 2th I sent a counter DMCA for my sfw account.
It’s been more than 14 days and still haven’t got any response or notification that they got it :confused:. I’ve been told to send it again, it’s been 2 days since the reminder and my messages are still ignored.

Both counters were sent to and , since patreon doesn’t even offer specific info abotu where to send the counters, which is very frustrating because my account may be affected with a strike for a false report.

Did you try just submitting a general support ticket and saying all this to them there too? It might help and it might get your emails looked at =A= had to do that with another site not DMCA but still legal work and it got our emails bumped to the top since it’d been a week.

good luck :((

Hey @Sify, the legal team let me know that someone reached out to you today.

As legal issues are a lot more complicated than support issues, every email has to be reviewed on a case by case basis. As such, the legal team at Patreon does not have a 24-48 hour reply time that the support team at Patreon strives to hit. I hope you don’t see that as ignoring - it’s simply just an entirely different issue to tackle that takes a lot more time, plus they are a much smaller team.

As this forum is not designed to help with legal issues, I’ll be closing this thread and encourage you to keep communicating with the legal team.