Craft a welcome note for each of your tiers

Hi there creators,

We’ve heard from many of you about the desire to send a thank you message to your new patrons that’s customized based on their tier of membership. We’re happy to announce that Tiered Welcome Notes are now live!

Thank you messages are now called Welcome Notes. You can craft your new notes in the same place in your Creator page settings. Welcome Notes appear for every patron at the end of the pledge process, and now you can write Welcome Notes tailored exactly to each of your tiers. Anything special they need to know about this tier? Did they just pledge $50? Make these feel special and you’ll reap the benefits of higher patron retention.

Let’s open up the discussion to how we’ll be using these to make our patrons feel special in the first moments of their membership.


Excellent! This is a great feature. :clap:
Previously, I had been emailing patrons individually and had a note I would copy and paste in that included links to some of the patron-only content that I thought they would enjoy.
Glad to have this.


Indeed, this seems to be a great idea!


Awesome! I’ve been copying and pasting an email crafted for each tier, so this should be a BIG time saver. Thank you!

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That’s great! Thank you for this!

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Thank you!

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thank you!

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If a Patron edits their pledge and raises themselves to the next tier, do they get a new welcome message for the new tier?

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Great question @domenico! and yes :slight_smile: The patron will see a new welcome message for the tier after checkout, get an email, and can access the new welcome note in their My Memberships tab.

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It seems I have a problem with this feature. After I create separate welcome notes for each tier and save the changes, “Save changes” button doesn’t become gray (inactive). Then, after I load my page again and enter editing it, I see that I still have a single welcome note active instead of separate ones I tried to save. Is this a bug? I use Opera.

I’ve noticed the save button doesn’t grey out for me either, but I can edit and keep the separate notes. I would go to support about the notes not staying separate.

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@bkeller, @camhupp, @brianmcf any comment about the issue?

Hi @wild_guy - I’ve actually been in touch with our support team about another creator who is having what sounds like the same issue. Having them collect the details from you will hopefully both help get it resolved for you, and diagnose if there’s a common theme we can address.

Please shoot them a note from the help center, and I’ll also give them a heads up that I think the issues are related.

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Alright, thank you @bkeller !

I also had this issue, filed a ticket, troubleshooted, and was told they couldn’t fix it. I know multiple people did the same. I REALLY want to use tiered welcome notes. Will they ever fix this glitch?

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same happened to me. filled out a ticket and was told they can’t fix it. already sent a note to the help center, and it was not helpful lol.

I dunno if this work-around is something everyone could use to save yourself time manually tracking new users, but I just created a “Masterlist Directory” post that I made available to all patrons, and in the post I explained all my tags and linked to popular tag groups and posts. Everyone can see everything available, but are still limited by whatever tier they are subscribed to since the links point to posts directly. I pinned the post to the top of the feed so it’s always easily found. Then I just linked that post to my welcome message, and everyone can find what they need there.

This does require you to keep updating the post from time to time if you add tags or if you release specific content each month for new users, but it’s been working out great so far, and veteran users appreciate having the guide as well. Just a thought while they work on the welcome messages! :v:

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@Screenwriters_Network, @simrell, @asmodrawscomics not so long ago I created a separate thread about weclome notes issue. I think it would be better and hopefully more useful if you post there.