Create a limited time tier

Hi! I’m exploring the possibility of running a coaching group on my Patreon page. I would add a separate tier for people to join, and say that it would run for 3 months (haven’t decided yet). I only want them to pay for those 3 months, because I’ll only be creating content in that time. I would be recording videos and have live chats as the content, and I’m not sure yet if it would be possible for me to make those downloadable. So… when I delete the tier afterwards, will they still have access to that content? If the content would no longer be accessible to them, I would be forced to create a separate Facebook group or something like that so I can let them have access for a bit longer, but ideally I would want everything to stay on Patreon for simplicity’s sake.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

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If you delete the tier, they would be orphaned from any reward tiers you offer so yes they would lose access to anything you post as tier specific rewards. If you unpublish the tier, they remain in that hidden tier so can see the content you shared to that tier, but no one else can sign up to it. Then, if you feel like running a coaching thing again in the future, you could republish the tier (if the other members stuck around they’d still be in that tier) and start a new cycle.

Ooh interesting… Would they still be continuing to pay though? I’ve also been wondering if the ‘pay per creation’ type tier would work here, where patrons only pay if you’ve published something? But I’m not sure if Patreon allows me to have just 1 tier like that.

Yes, they’d still be in that hidden tier so pledges at that tier would continue. If they stop paying or change to a different tier, they’d no longer have access to your workshop either. Maybe if you created a zip file or download location when your coaching was finished so that tier could grab everything offered that they’d paid for?

It’s still best practice to unpublished the tier instead of deleting.

There’s no way to have just one tier be “pay for creation.”

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I was afraid of that. I’ll have another think about it but I guess the easiest option would be a pop up FB group or something like that.

I’ll definitely keep the option in mind for unpublishing the tier, thanks!