Create new Post with Images

Hello dear Patreon stuff Team,

if i create a new Post for images, then upload some pictures and save it as draft.
If i publish this topic and deciding to delete some pictures that i uploaded before, and adding some new ones i getting this bug.

If i logged in on Patreon i will see the post like intended.
But if i log off and watch the post again, i will see the old pictures that supoosed to be deleted.

i dont know if this issue is allready comunicated, if yes im sorry.

I don’t know if anyone has reported this as a bug, but there is a solution: when you go to change the images hit the button that deletes all of the images and then post the images you want fresh. So if you have image a.gif and b.gif but you decide you don’t want a.gif and want to have c.gif instead, use that button and post c.gif and then b.gif again, and save to drafts.

If you want to be sure the Support team is told that you found a bug, you might want to e-mail them about this.

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i forgot about to say that this only happens on public post.
Thanks for your advice, but before i posted i checked it several times, no matter if i delete them all, the pictures still be there. Now it’s getting even more worse, the pictures are duplicated.

PS. i figured out that this issue is only on the landing page.

I also post things publicly, and I don’t think I’ve had any trouble with my landing page. I would report it.