Creating two tiers - one flexible amount and one for $3/month

How can I create two tiers? I want to create one for $3/month and then also one tier for flexible amount. Is this possible?

So, in the end it will be:
Tier 1 : $3/month
Tier 2: Flexible amount chosen during sign up

People already have the option of choosing any price they want upon sign up. So you only need one tier, your 3$ one. I’d just mention that in the description of the 3$ tier so people know.


Sam is correct! Also want to share this help article with extra context:

I’ll just toss out that custom pledges aren’t very intuitive and currently hidden from users. If you go to a someone’s Patreon page, you’ll see the various tiers (well, not all of them because you are still hiding some of them behind a “see all x levels” button) but no custom pledge option. If you scroll past all the tiers, you’ll suddenly have an orange “become a patron button” and if you click on that and scroll to the end of all the tiers displayed on the next page (a join page), THEN you will see “make a custom pledge.” This should be right up front, not hidden. You keep telling us that patrons want to support us, not necessarily get rewards. Seems like this interface decision flies in the face of that.


I agree, while the feature is there, it’s extremely not obvious.