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Hello! Welcome to the Patreon Community Creative Marketplace, please come in and make yourself comfy.

Take a look around. Breath it all in. This is a special place filled with wonders and treasures of boundless creativity, home to where Patreon creators share their goods that are for sale. Whether it’s an Etsy page, their own online store, or a a sticker they’re proud of, you can share what you’ve made and is for sale here. This will be an ever-updating resource of places to find what other creators are making and selling, for inspiration and unique gift ideas, all while supporting the community you’re part of.

If you’d like to ask a question to a creator about what they made, how they made it, or what tools they used, please start a new thread to keep this one focused on links to stores.

P.S The idea for the Creative Marketplace happened on Discord! We discussed the idea and voted on what to call it. Join us :slight_smile:


(or second? Whatever)

Did you know you can buy Discord bots? Well, neither do I, because bots are technically free. But you need someone to make the code, no?

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, you can hire me to code you a Discord bot! Go to and click the Commsions button!


ps: offer code patreonhmu for 15% off all orders :eyes:


Hey all!

I sell a variety of items online in the art scene. Prints, books, zines, charms, keychains, pins, stickers, badges, commissions and more.

Most of my items can be found at including limited edition hand embellished prints, holographic prints, art books, pins, etc. People here on the forums can get 10% off using this link !

I also have Print on Demand stores at
Redbubble / Society6 / Teepublic

I also have a digital store with artist resources, high res art packs and more on Payhip

If you just want to keep up to date with whats going on, i have a Discord Server, Telegram Announcement Channel, and my Twitter / Facebook / Instagram are the most up to date social pages.

I also offer design and marketing content for other creators!

Some examples:

My personal revamp post (all tiers).

An example of a simple animated tier icon to make it pop out
Template files for easy marketing post creation

Social Media,Youtube End Card and Tier Icons done for Dekilah

Prices depend on what it is you are looking for but i’m happy to accept inquiries at WildElementStudios @ and get quotes to whomever is interested.


Hey awesome!! Thanks, all!!

I’m Caytlin Vilbrandt, and I draw a webcomic called Tamberlane! It’s about a walking disaster bat attempting to take care of a mysterious creature: a human child. The comic is available to read for free at, but since this is a marketplace post, I’d like to share my shop!

This has physical copies of the comics, keychains, and other fun stuff having to do with the comic, but it ALSO has some adorable eeveelution merch, because I can’t help myself. Please go check it out!

And as a shameless addition, I’m running a Kickstarter right now for the third chapter print run! Swing your eyeballs this way, please!

Thanks as always for the fabulous threads, y’all!! :smiley:



Hello! I’m Laura.

I’m a photographer on a mission. What mission? To capture – and possibly help preserve – 1000 of the world’s most beautiful places of worship, from cathedrals to temples to Buddhist wats.

It’s a long-term project, but it also has its own timeline in a way. Some of these places aren’t going to be around much longer – in fact, I’ve watched as a few of the churches on my list have already been torn down or otherwise made unavailable before I even got to see them.

Thanks for having me aboard!


I have a store for inspirational shirts / coffee cups / stickers & more - at www.TheMiracles.Store :slight_smile:

Also expanding right now into Enneagram products!

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What I am selling are comics, books and art prints. Nevertheless, what I would like to show here is what I’m not selling, but giving as exclusive Christmas presents for $20+ patrons only. So far I made two out-of-the-market presents, based on my most notorious series Atlas & Axis’ Saga.
In 2017 they were hand made puppies and last year a board game. I like this kind of present because they are not very time consuming for me, and help me show my most loyal patrons how special they are for me.

I still don’t know what I will do this year, but I hope it will help my patrons stay for another year :upside_down_face:


hello! I focus on whimsical plant/animal/creature illustrations. my Etsy shop has available prints, stickers, pins, & more. stand by for some big updates since I’ll be adding all the new print designs I’m working on for Comic Con as well as some Halloween goods!

I’m also working on a long-term world-building project called Tales of Pollinedraak. It’s filled with unique plant and animal species, fantasy creatures, and ecological themes. I’ll be posting more and more concepts for it through Patreon.

You guys can use the code “BEACHDAY” for 15% off the entire Etsy shop throughout August. My links to Etsy & Patreon are before.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Etsy | Patreon


Hi! So I’m Sarah Dawn, of Sarah Dawn’s Designs, and I sell knit and crochet patterns (I also teach, too!)

You can find my designs on Ravelry and on Etsy!

Oh, and Patrons get all sorts of cool stuff, including this exclusive pattern:


Hey all~! I’m an artist & animation student! While I don’t currently offer my animation services, I do all sorts of illustration and character design work! So what in the world can I do??

  • Fancy illustrations and such that you can print out as posters
  • Concept Art, 2D game art (particularly characters, working on the backgrounds and such)
  • I’m also comfy editing photos and doing graphic design, so if you’re in need of any of those services just reach out too~!

If you wanna see more of my stuff, you can swing by my portfolio, or connect on any other platforms I’m on! For now, enjoy some small previews of art that I do for patrons~!

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Hi everyone! I’m on Patreon for my writing, but I also run an alternative stationery and accessories shop - all wordy/geeky/politics-y, a lot like my writing! I sometimes do crossover stuff as well:


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You mean I can post my shops here? Woo Hoo — please to check them out and maybe even buy something :wink: I have a handmade shop on Zibbet, and a couple of POD sites I’d like to call to your attention:

Jan4insight Handmade Gallery on Zibbet ~

Jan4insight TeeStore (t-shirts & more) on TeePublic ~

ore POD goodness at Jan4insight on Society6 ~

Thank you for looking!


Hello friends! In addition to my Patreon, I design enamel pins, jewelry, buttons, stickers, keychains and sometimes prints. Check me out here:

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I wanted to bump this thread! I’m looking for creators to order from and support this holiday season, and I know a lot of Patreon team-mates are too :slight_smile:


I have some Christmas-y cards and stocking fillers in my shop:

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Apart from the digital products and services we offer through Patreon, we provide some useful resources for game developers, printed t-shirt and accessories, physical playing cards and puzzles… you may browse the full list here