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My name is Sophie, and I’m part of a writing team that uses our Patreon to fund our fiction books’ research. Our research covers a huge breadth of topics, but in broad terms we aim to look at history, culture, and religion across the globe. We post our research on our patreon, so we’re happily sharing what we find, but I also enjoy being a patron of other creatives who post their research. I love to learn, and I love sharing research resources so we can all learn together.

Do any of y’all do any research for your projects? What kind do you specialize in? Do you post about it in your Patreon? Are you a part of any groups that share research amongst each other? I’d love to chat!


Hey Sophie. I’m Tommy and my Patreon supports my YouTube series AI and Games, which looks at artificial intelligence in video game research and development. I have a background in AI and used to work full-time in academia. Now with the show I’m trying to translate technically complex material (from developer talks, research papers etc.) into something more publicly accessible. It’s often quite demanding, and has a lot of challenges from one video to the next. I’m in the midst of finishing research for my next video now and it’s taken me a week or two to bring it all together.

I share a lot of what I do within the Patreon, mostly the notes I make while researching an episode as well as copies of research papers, presentation slides etc. I find when making the video. The idea being to give them that in-route if they want to explore it more thouroughly. Previously I’ve also provided some blog posts and videos explaining my process and how I make my videos to help my followers if they’re keen on doing the same thing.


Hi Sophie! I’m Nancy. I’m a baby name blogger, and many of the posts I write require historical research – primarily to figure out why specific baby names saw sudden surges in usage in years past. (I’m slowly gathering all the links to those particular posts on a timeline page.) I don’t share much of my research process on Patreon, but it’s an intriguing idea.


That’s really cool! I’ve always loved it when experts make an effort to make things accessible. Academia always frustrated me for its way of gate-keeping knowledge, so it’s awesome that you’re actively working against that! And it seems like people are really responding, so congratulations! :smiley:


Hi Nancy! I just started looking through your blog and I’m impressed by the variety of names I’ve never heard of here! Do you focus on a particular region? And I know our patreons have enjoyed seeing the research process in the past, so perhaps it’d be a fun additional tier to offer since you’re doing the work already :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking a look. :slight_smile: I am based in the U.S., so nearly all of my posts are about U.S. baby names.

I was just reading your Patreon page. I love how each of you has taken on a main character! Seems like a smart way to make the characters really sound different on the page, because each is the product of a different mind.


Thanks! Yeah I agree with the gate-keeping problem. Bad enough that we have conferences/journals with paywalls but for many even the language is an issue. So just trying to open it up a little or give a stepping stone that allows for others to get started is super valuable to me.


Thank you for checking us out!! Our characters do indeed sound very different from each other (thaaaank goodness) so a bit of the challenge is making sure the story still reads smoothly. I really enjoy this process, though. It makes writing every draft a surprise :smiley:


Hi All,

I guess I’m the flip side of your coin. All of my content is helping fiction authors and screenwriters with research in the niche of criminal investigation and police procedure. My patrons get livestream access to me and priority answers to their questions…plus mentions on the podcast and/or in the shownotes.

My patrons fund the cost of my podcast hosting, website, etc. but I’m currently donating all of the money I receive from my patrons to masksfordocs.

If you are writing any kind of fiction that involves crime or cop characters, I’m happy to help. :wink:

Stay healthy,


Actually, we do have someone who fits this bill…but what country do you specialize in? Our character is British and works primarily in the UK.

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I’m in California, but in our Facebook group we have a retired Met detective that I can put you in touch with for more UK specific questions. My wife is English, but I don’t think that will help too much. LOL

Not sure the rules in here on self-promotion, so feel free to message me directly.


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I do a lot of research on Georgian England and 18th century European culture as a whole. Also some themes related to Occultism. My patrons and general readers seem to enjoy it ^^

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