Creator Brand Color Too Light


The new feature of updating the creator page to be more uniform with brand colors is amazing. But PLEASE let me use my actual brand colors. I understand that they’re light, but it doesn’t make my page illegible. It should be up to the creator.


The same happened to me, I feel like the light/dark color limit might be too strict. The automatic color suggestions are interesting, but if you can’t select half of the colors inside the custom palette area, why have a color picker then?
I’m no expert on web legibility though, but yeah, I agree with OP. :slight_smile:


Hey @simrell and @supersatanson, thanks for surfacing this feedback.

Some context – when planning this feature, we decided to set a minimum color contrast threshold to ensure that creators would pick colors that are accessible to patrons and visitors. We set the threshold value to be 4.0, a bit lower than the WCAG recommendation of 4.5 for normal text (such as the colored links on your page).

We discussed this today and agreed that the threshold ought to be less strict, so we’ve lowered it to 3.5! When you go to edit your page, you should be able to choose from more options. We still recommend choosing a color above 4.0 or even 4.5 – here’s a tool you can use to get the contrast of a color.


Thank you!

A suggestion if this feature ever gets expanded on: Let creators pick both colors :’)


Hi hi! I, too, am a bit stymied by the limitation here, even the threshold has been lowered. My brand orange colour isn’t actually light, and I’ve used it successfully for years on my website, Twitter, etc. My page looks amazing in the preview, but I’m not able to save the custom colour (which, for reference is #FB6433). I’d love love love to be able to use it, especially as I’m planning on hosting a membership drive with my first attempt at a special offer first thing in May. Thanks so much for being so responsive to this feature request!


Another person whose branding colors ALL fall under the “too light” header according to Patreon’s threshold! The one I’d like to use is #17bea2, which I have also been using for years and had no trouble with readability.

If it’s really a big issue, is there a chance that the text that is placed on top of those colors just be swapped to be black (or whatever the default text color is) if the color is lighter than a certain threshold? It is very frustrating to be forced to use a color that is just a HAIR darker than my actual branding, making the buttons clash with all my graphics.


Thanks a lot for the quick change! much appreciated :smiley:

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