Creator events

Hey everyone

I attended VidSummit this past week. It’s interesting cause after both this and Buffer Festival in Toronto I do find it to be a rewarding experience to go to these smaller creator & industry-focussed meet-ups.

To anyone who has attended panels or conferences like this, what is your main take-away? What do you get out of it?

I find usually for all the panels etc, it’s actually opportunities to see other people’s work and meet new people in the space that does it for me…


Thanks for the post @timothyhautekiet! What was your main takeaways from VidSummit and Buffer? How did they differ?

Buffer Fest

  • More focus on the content than on the “fan” aspect. it’s about seeing cool work screened


  • Emphasis on creators and industry folks connecting and learning from each other

VidCon & Playlist in my experience prioritise the fan experience (meet-ups, merch etc). There are panels and industry events but it’s not the reason the convention exists


Thanks Tim for your information about these events. I have heard that VidCon is more about meet-ups, hence it is a very popular event for the “big name” people on YouTube.

I had wanted to attend VidCon Europe but now it’s in the UK next year :disappointed_relieved:
I want to find other video creator events in Europe, but I haven’t found any. Is there a listing for these events somewhere?