Creator-led Livestream Workshop tomorrow!

Hi all! I wanted to plug an awesome workshop we have coming up tomorrow at 12 pm Pacific. It’s called “How to not waste your money on Facebook/Instagram ads,” with Suzanne Yada. Suzanne is a creative consultant and a musician on Patreon, and has worked with a ton of creators to help them master digital marketing.

I highly recommend the session, bring your questions!

Sign up here:

Here’s the full description in Suzanne’s words:

“There’s a smart way and a not-so-smart way to use social advertising to grow your membership business. Let Facebook and Instagram ads specialist Suzanne Yada walk you through the common mistakes she sees her creative clients make, and learn how to turn your advertising dollars from a huge expense to a huge revenue generator for your Patreon.”


This was an excellent workshop. Very useful info that was engagingly presented.

If you weren’t able to attend, y’all should definitely click the Sign Up link above to watch the replay.

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