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Post a link to your Patreon creator page and give/receive feedback on how you can improve it!


This is scary…but for the benefit of my future it would be ace to get feedback! This is my Patreon page:

Essentially I want to get across that the patrons’ pledges support the weekly expedition documentary, and that the documentary goes on YouTube and Amazon video where it gets royalties through views. I expect the views to increase as more of the teachers and schools I live stream with each day through my Skype Classroom, begin to watch the videos. And also as I begin my solo row around Great Britain since I will be at sea between May and September 2017. The reason for the row is to create 360/VR videos and to live stream with my schools in a way that connects them to the ocean and the history of Vikings in Britain. The second reason is that the more the videos I make get viewed, the more royalties are received over time, the more I can support kids living on rubbish dumps who have no access to any form of education. I already have connections to these kids through on ground partners and they are desperate to have the chance to learn.

Patron rewards include a daily colouring sheet (which is a page from a colouring book I’m creating for my students about Vikings in Britain), a physical copy of the book when it publishes in Spring just before the expedition, and a ticket to the post expedition show at the Royal Albert Hall in London which is an augmented realty show of the footage from the expedition. This is in part supported my arts grants which is why the tickets will be free to my patrons and schools.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much.

Hi Ellie!

Thanks for the invite to the Patreon Community. This is a great resource!

Here is my patreon page:

Would love to hear any thoughts you might have. It’s always nice to get perspective from fellow creators and from the Patreon team!



Hey Sarah,

Thank you so much for being the first brave soul to share your page. :slight_smile:

I’ve told you this before, but I love what you are creating. I think your explainer video hits all of the necessary points (what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what Patreon is and why patrons should join you). Bonus points for letting them know about being able to create a “monthly max” too!

Your explainer text is solid, though I wonder if it would be better in 1st-person? As it is, it might come across as someone else is running your page and the creator-patron relationship isn’t as intimate as I know it is.

I LOVE the little images you put in your rewards! It seems as though your $1 patrons get A LOT for their pledge and I don’t want you to be put in a position where you’re at the mercy of delivering rewards. I might recommend simplifying them a bit more. Also looks like you have two $25 reward tiers. Is that intentional?

Congrats on being so close to hitting your first goal, by the way!!! :tada:

Thank you so much for this Ellie, that is a huge help. I’ve changed to first person now, hadn’t even realised I had done that! I’m creating the rewards anyway, so it is no real biggie for me to include them. The two $25 tiers are because I changed my rewards, and already had one person sign up on the old system, who didn’t want any perks, so I just left them as two versions.

Yes, so close to that first goal. Really appreciate your time and feedback, it helps so much.

Wow, I love your page Megan, so many patrons, and I really like your videos too, so much fun. You have a new fan!

Sarah! Good to meet you! Thank you so much for checking out my page. I checked out your page too! I love the topic of your weekly doc. Seriously cool. :smiley:

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Thanks so much Megan, that means a lot, really appreciated. Yes, ocean rowing is pretty cool stuff, especially as no one has done this route before. Have to eat lots of ice cream to get fat enough for the row, but need to start working on the fitness soon as well…not long until I set off…eek!

Wow! That’s so cool (and I love ice cream). When do you set sail?

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I’ll be at sea between May and September next year. Think it will come around fast!

Yes! Time flies!

OK, I’ll play. Here’s my page:

I’ve been on Patreon for going on two years. I think I’ve revised this page twice, cutting stuff down to make it less scroll-y, and to get to the essence of what I want people to know.

Sarah, I like that you’ve used a little text, combined with videos, to answer the first two questions.

I wonder if you really need the big images and rewards info, since it always appears to the right of the page anyway. That would give you room to answer the questions you have posted, rather than having potential patrons click off your page to see the answers.

And this is something you can’t fix without help from the powers at Patreon, or a little fiddling with the HTML: the header text is just insanely large. It looks like we’re screaming at people. The easy option of just bolding header text, which I used on my page, isn’t as eye catching. I’m wishing, when looking at your page, that there was some happy medium.

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Here’s my Patreon:

I’m very new to this and only started my page recently so I’d really like some tips on what to change or improve.

I am looking forward to constructive feedback on my Patreon page:

Please keep in mind that this will be a NSFW page for most people.

I know that I have some issues with goals and rewards, and welcome suggestions in that area - but I would also love people’s thoughts on what else I could be doing better.

Thanks so much, and ditto those who’ve said kudos to Ellie for creating this wonderful resource!


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my page Lisa, that means a lot. Yes, totally agree the header text is large, I was wanting it the same size throughout, but it doesn’t seem to be working for some reason, possibly a coding issue. BTW, you have a really ace header, so bright, love it!

Here’s my initial stab at it:

I might be mis-reading something but are the rewards identical for the first four levels?

Hi James,

the rewards are the same for each level, for example a ticket to my augmented reality show at the Royal Albert Hall in London next year for $1 a month as a patron. The difference per tier is the number you get:

$1 = 1 ticket to my show, 1 book
$5 = 2 tickets to my show, 2 books
$6 = 3 tickets to my show, 3 books
$10 = 4 tickets to my show, 4 books
$25 = 2 tickets to the show, 2 books, plus name on the credits
$50 = 4 tickets to the show, 4 books, name on credits, plus VIP things (such as your own private box at the Royal Albert Hall)
$100 = 8 tickets to the show, 4 books, name on credits, plus VIP things

Hope that makes more sense.

Got it. I was seeing the repetition of the rewards and totally spaced the x2 x3 part of it.

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