Creator Page "Preview Mode"


This may be something already in the works - I’m not sure.

I was hoping we could get the ability to visualize our front page in a “Preview Mode” so that we can see exactly what a new subscriber would see.

Right now I can see all my unpublished tiers and locked posts in their “Unlocked” state. Its get confusing and I have to use another device that is not logged into Patreon to see how my page looks to potential subscribers.

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That would be quite useful, it would help figure out if there’s too much/not enough info on my page and that sort of thing.

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The more different landing page layouts get created, the more challenging it is to try & present our unique brand to new & existing patrons.

I’d like to request, on the edit page, a set of preview links that encompass ALL the different potential layouts. I don’t like having to guess. This includes: How my page looks to a patron, how my page looks to a follower, how my page looks to a logged-in non-patron, how my page looks to a brand new visitor, and, I guess, any specific mobile layouts, if you’re serving layouts that aren’t responsive.


I would love to see something where we could view our pages as patrons of different tiers see it. It would be a great way to not only make sure the right posts are showing to the right tier, but also to see how well a teaser looks to other patrons.

Plus, I think it would be good to help us see if we’re neglecting a particular tier more than others.