Creator Page sign up incentive "Connect via Private Message"

I believe this is old news, a feature that was added on to the front page where prospective Patrons sign up. Is there a way to remove this? Its a promise I can not deliver on and gets messy with having a Discord community.

Thanks for helping a gal out!


There was a lengthy thread about this some months ago, and Patreon effectively declined to make this change.

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you’re the bees knees Michael! I appreciate your insight, I couldn’t find that particular thread this was discussed way back. I shall search again on why they declined to change it.

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Seems like it’d be an easy thing to make optional that shouldn’t confuse people who pledge to multiple pages, which is their typical reason for declining change requests. :confused:

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Is it the “connect via private message” that is challenging to keep up with?

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If they are going to encourage/force use of the messaging system, perhaps they should invest a little time in bringing it into this century. Would much rather have Patrons email me directly or DM on Discord. Heck, I’d settle to having the ability to reply to notification email they send me when a new message comes in.


I strongly encourage discord or email, as the messaging system on Ptreon is a disaster.