Critical Pain-Point For New About Section With Quick Fix

Hi there this one is a deal breaker for me. I’ve been designing my entire Patreon revamp over the past many months around the About section and with this updated layout for new-non-patrons, the full About section is completely hidden unless you click “Show more”, which is a no go.

All of my work is negated if the About section is hidden by default and a quick fix would be to have an option in the settings to decide if you want the About section to be fully shown or collapsed by default. Please can we get some traction on this for my page and my sanity’s sake! (lol).

I went ahead and submitted a request to the support team but I thought I’d mention it here too for others that may or may not have known about this problem.


  • Brian

One potential workaround might be to put /overview on any links that you direct to your patreon page. If you look at the standard layout (using my page as an example the about section is partially hidden, but if you add on /overview after the page name, then it’s fully visible ( I hope that helps!


Unfortunately, the /overview thing only works for those who are already patrons. Try to open the link in incognito mode, you will see the default new layout.


One potential workaround is to make an about post and link directly to that post. You will lose some advanced formatting options, but at least you can control what new visitors see.


That is a workaround but I’m not willing to take that hit. It makes it more confusing for the user and changes the initial experience

We also have some important information in the About section that is hidden unless you click to see more. We’ve tried shortening the whole section to get all the information shown, but apparently because we have photos of ourselves, we get a smaller amount of room for text (at least I’m guessing because other campaigns without photos seem to get more room). This is quite problematic.


Yeah it’s problematic for sure. Only users who are familiar with patreon would know to find and click “show more” rather than just instantly scrolling like the majority of visitors. And them not seeing a photo of you is a pretty big deal. I also have a photo of myself that’s hidden in the about that’d need to be seen.

Yeah. I’m not happy with the new pages layout either. My ‘about section’ explains a lot (including how Patreon works, because I’m in an industry that doesn’t use Patreon nearly as much, so many folks are new to it!) I’d -much- rather have even a part of my ‘about’ visible.