Cross-Posting from WP

Now that the Wordpress plugin is back up, can we discuss the possibility of cross-posting? I’ve gotten frequent requests from my patrons to see my content on Wordpress because they find using the Patreon site or app unpleasant, but I’m not eager to post to WP, lock it to the proper Patron level, then head back over to Patreon, copy and paste it, and lock it to the proper Patron level a second time.

This seems like a no-brainer to me. Am I the only one?


I vaguely recall hearing someone talking about accomplishing this but i cannot remember where the info was from. Perhaps it was something from a conversation about Zapier or IFTTT being able to cross post but i honestly have no idea. If i come across it i’ll bring it up but i totally agree that cross posting would be super. I do a lot of social cross posting through Hootsuite and it makes things SO much easier. I can only imagine how being able to cross post automatically from one patreon source to another would do the same.

I frickin’ LOVE this idea! Been thinking of starting to post more patron-only on Wordpress…but the hassle of doing both is just beyond me right now :joy:

Also, just checked, doesn’t look like there’s a way to automatically cross-post with zapier or Ifttt for now :sob:

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I know that some folks are - there’s a good thread from @lklawless (My success story: word of the day) about how using the Patreon plugin, but don’t know if there is crossposting or not.

I’m not the expert on the plugin, but tagging in @tal who would know more!

I love the idea of crossposting if it’s easy (automatic), but ATM that’s not what I’m doing. I went from publishing only on Patreon to publishing only on WP.

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Thanks for clarifying!