Cross Promotion

Hi everyone!

Would you liked to promote your work to my audience? There is a catch, I’d like you to promote me to your audience too! Post a link to your page here, wait from a yes from me, then let’s promote each other!

Here’s a quick bit about me: I’m an artist, designer, model, photographer, YouTuber, and anything else fun that comes to mind!

Here’s a link to my full Patreon account
I also just made a new, safe for work painting Patreon Page here if you’d like to not link to adult content

And here are some links to cross promotions I’ve done in the past

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Excellent idea! I think those who are already patrons are more likely to become patrons of other creators than people who simply haven’t heard of Patreon before.

And why not say it: Patreon searching engine is not very good! (my patrons look for my page on google, because even they can’t find me on Patreon!)

My domain is quite different to yours, but I’d like to take advantage of your offering and invite other comics creators to cross promotion with me, if they’d like their patrons to know my work. You can see what I do here:

Thank you!

Hello Jennacitrus:

I would like to have my work promoted to your audience. My link is