Crowdcast Live Streaming Integration

I remember when there was an integration with a site called Huzza that was fantastic for doing live streams with patrons. It turned out that Huzza was acquired by Kickstarter which was great for them but sad for me and a few others here on Patreon.

I started using the Crowdcast integration but I find the process very clunky. I know that it is not high on the priority list but I would love to know if there is anything on the road map that would improve/replace it.

Live streaming is HUGE for me an my patrons and I would love to see a better way to go live. Is anyone else using Crowdcast? What is your experience?

I know that there is a YouTube integration also, but the last time I used it, my subscribers got notified when I went live so that was a total fail.

One more thing - when I searched for “Crowdcast” here in the forum the only thing that came up in search results was a list of past “hang time” shows with Jack and Taryn.

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Hi @Ileane, thanks for sharing your thoughts around Crowdcast. Can you let me know what about the process is clunky? It would be great to get specific areas you find tricky so I can suggest help or provide feedback to the team. Also, can you tell me in what way are you using Crowcast with your Patreon page and your patrons? Thanks!

Hi Mindy,

I just had another look at going live to patrons via Crowdcast and the process was a little less clunky than before so that is a good thing. Part of the process that could be improved is that we get a pop up to connect Crowdcast to Patreon, but we also get a second pop up before we actually go live.

The last step before we go live brings up a message that says our followers will be notified.

Hopefully this message is not accurate - because it is not a public event. Hopefully that is an easy fix.

I use the patron only live streams at least once a month as a patron perk.