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I’d like to start a thread where Crowdcast users integrating Patreon+Crowdcast can post questions, feedback, tips, experiences and best-practices. I’m not finding anything similar here or on Crowdcast itself, so hopefully this can be helpful. I know @natemaingard is embarking on his Crowdcast journey and I hope to find more of us who can gather and share resources. (Thanks so much @natemaingard for the info you’ve shared already and for being a pioneer yet again!)


First question: Can you have a paid event on Crowdcast where your patrons can get in free but non-patrons have to buy a ticket?


Thanks for making this thread, @CelestialBlueMusic, great idea! I don’t know the answer offhand but will find out for you and report back when I’ve found out :slight_smile:


I’m curious to see how many Patreon creators are actually using Crowdcast! @mindy, do you reckon it’s possible to get one of the staff members from Crowdcast into this forum to chat further with us, or is this strictly for creators only? Might be nice to have a section where people from the companies which integrate with Patreon could come and chat with us all about ways to use their products? Like Bonjoro, Crowdcast, Patreon WordPress plugin, etc etc :man_shrugging:t3::revolving_hearts:


hi @natemaingard! hi @celestialbluemusic!

There’s a facebook group called “Crowdcast Community” which has crowdcast users from all over the world - some patreon creators as well, but mostly general crowdcast users, and crowdcast staff respond over there:

I like keep track of the conversations - to see what people are doing, and the discussions they have about best practices and such, but it may be helpful for you to peruse as well!


Hi, @Hayley, thanks for the link! I have joined that group recently too :grin:. Are you using Crowdcast? If so, how’s it going, how do you use it?


Yes, I joined too, I didn’t make their recent livestreams – did either of you go? if so, were they valuable? learn anything amazing? were they as good as patreon hang time :smile:


I did indeed watch the replay of their recent livestream, is worth a watch. They have some pretty rad features being released!

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Hey @natemaingard!

I don’t have a Patreon page for myself, but I help Amanda Palmer manager her Patreon page and community. So with Amanda, we have a $10 Webchat reward tier, where she sits down and webcasts but it’s not so much a broadcast as much as it is a conversation, so we use crowdcast now as part of that tier. We used to use other services for it, but moved to crowdcast for a plethora reasons - one big one being the integration they have with Patreon and Patreon’s API.

Amanda announced her brand new album last month and we ran our first official Crowdcast stream open to ALL patrons, which was quite exciting. We also got to test their new version, which I think may be in beta now but soon crowdcast version 2.0 will be out, which helps you create an event for patrons and allow them to start RSVP’ing early, and that link then turns into the live broadcast at whatever time you’ve scheduled it - so it limits some of the clunkiness of posting a Livestream post on Patreon with the crowdcast link.

The biggest feature they offer that’s crucial to us is restricting specific reward tiers (that’s essential to our $10 reward tier), and the next important features are their community tools within the broadcast - having the live chat, the ability for Amanda to bring a patron up on screen and broadcast with her etc.


Oh hey there, @Hayley!

So lovely to hear from you here. I dream of one day having superheroes like you in my life to help carry the load. What a blessing you are for Amanda, thank you!

Yes, I’m using that beta feature too, it is soooo awesome!

Thanks for sharing your experiences, I was chatting with Sai (Crowdcast CEO) and he was so very stoked with how Amanda’s big livestream turned out. I wish I could have been there, I think it was at 3am my time :joy:.

All the best to ya, Hayley


Hey @natemaingard, thanks for the tag! That is such a lovely idea. Let me make a category called “Patreon Partners” under #growandsucceed so we can start having a dedicated space for these products. I will ask the team to see if anyone would be able to join (we do already have reps from reddit and others in here to answer questions. In the mean time, ask any question you would have for the staff members at Crowdcast and I’ll get you the answers!


Awesome, I feel as though that category might be super useful for Patreon creators! You could just move over this current thread about Crowdcast to there, I think?

Anyways, looking forward!



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Crowdcast shared a video about livestreaming with Patreon, sharing in case it’s useful for folks :slight_smile: