Cryptocurrency Payments

Is Patreon planning to implement cryptocurrency payments?

It would be solid support of creators and fans worldwide who do not have a bank or credit card.


Just voicing my opinion here that I would not support such a feature. Same with NFTs.


Why not?

Better accessibility for creators and fans worldwide is a laudable goal, but I agree, please don’t do it with cryptocurrency.

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I am sure many sites, such as Patreon, will be nervous for a long while to jump on cryptocurrency to not infuriate those who don’t want the future to come.

Those that benefit the most from crypto are the poor. Billions of them. With crypto, you can send money immediately to anyone in the world without a credit card or bank.

Meaning, a poor teenager in less developed countries can set up a Patreon account make a living of their talent. All they need is a smartphone and Internet connection.

It’s interesting how many people side with the banks in this topic. As if banks are the saviours of our planet. Very confusing.

that would be really really awesome

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If Patreon added the ability to pledge with cryptocurrency, I would like the ability to block any such users from supporting my content :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that sounds fair.

cryptocurrency in its current format and its relationship with art reduces human expression to what is essentially an overt scam (in the case of ethereum especially) under the guise that what poor people really need is monopoly money lol

at least dont pretend its for the benefit of poor people, we are not dumb.

I would never assume you’re dumb. Perhaps just not educated enough on the technology and it’s applications.

If it’s not helpful for the poor, then why does UNICEF have a crypto fund to help the poor?

If UNICEF can accept cryptocurrency, then I definitely think Patreon can too.

did you read the article you linked, because this money didn’t go to “the poor”. it went to app developers.

“the poor” have no use for virtual currency that can’t be used to buy anything practical. sorry. i vote no on the planet killing funny money people use to hide child pornography

^^ thats a link to a bbc article not anything insane

Why does UNICEF specifically use crypto currency and why sending it to those developers using those specific technologies? Its partly because blockchain and smart contracts unlock a new dimension of global interconnectivity and trust.

Child pornography have been around for much longer than blockchain technology, unfortunately. With that reasoning, you should promote a ban of video cameras.

If you think banks and their currencies is somehow better, than I’d like to know what made you think that.

I’m not saying that all people use it for good reasons. Selfish people will use any tool for selfish reasons.

well for one thing i can use a dollar to pay my mortgage. hope this helps.

i’m not going to do this back and forth thing where you try to pick at my posts individually until we’re arguing about a totally different thing like whether or not unicef is right to use crypto. i have no control over unicef or care how they waste their money. i do have a voice in whether or no patreon does and my vote is no for the extremely practical and obvious reasons i outlined.

You can convert crypto to dollars easily. PayPal handles crypto.

My apologies if I’ve annoyed you. It’s just that I find your comments a hindrance to society. It won’t stop crypto from being commonplace in our global society. It will only make the process a bit slower.

It won’t stop crypto from being commonplace in our global society. It will only make the process a bit slower.

god willing

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I mean, there are so many things to consider.

The pseudoanonymity of crypto allows for equality where gender and race discrimination goes off the table.

There’s plenty of racism within traditional banking where people of colour aren’t given the same loan opportunities as whites.

Distribution of wealth to the poor is made much easier as you only need a smartphone and Internet connection, allowing anyone from any county to compete in the art and job market with equal rights and improved opportunities.

Defending banks whose money is just as fictive isn’t helping anyone. The 2008 crash and the indebted global economy isn’t a product of crypto.

I encourage people to read the white papers of crypto developers. I think most of you will find them more appealing than fractional reserve banking.

It’s quite incredible to read people defend the Rockefellers and Rotschilds, as if they’re the protectors of our planet?

I would be very sad to read this if it wasn’t for the absolute certainty of a blockchain future.

Why even use the internet at all, if you want to boycot technology that allows criminal activity?

Any argument against crypto can be translated 1:1 to the Internet. If you’re against blockchain technology, get off the Internet. The Internet has the same weaknesses, only more of them and much worse.

the argument that because bad things exist, we should be able to make more bad things, is not a strong one.

personally, when given the choice between “participate in circulating child porn for money” and “not” i know which one is the easy pick

hold up, why did you mention the rothchilds in that huge post