CSV Export No Longer Has "Status" Information

Dear Patreon Tech Team,
Recent updates to the Patron Manager have resulted in the “Status” column of the CSV export being empty. We need this column populated with the status - Declined, etc. in order to process what rewards should be sent to Patrons. This is critical information.

If the new interface requires selecting a Status type and then exporting only that type in order to get a CSV containing this information (haven’t tested if this is true) then please consider the extra and unnecessary work created with this flow.

Can we get an update ASAP on how and when this might be resolved - as we’re now waiting for a response before we can move forward with fulfilling rewards for this month.



Hey @american.mcgee, thanks for surfacing this! I reported to the team and they were able to replicate this bug right away. The good news is that it was a quick fix and this issue should now be resolved! Please let me know if you continue to have any problems with it!

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Thank you, for the quick reply and the fast fix!