CSV export of income data separating monthly vs annual backers?

Hello everyone,

Is there an export data without Patreon that allows me to get a CSV file of my income, while separating monthly vs annual pledges?

Patreon’s CSV exports are usually solid, and they were updated properly when multiple currencies were introduced. However, among the multiple options offered, I can’t find one that separates pledges based on their duration. I’d like to get that information to better determine which durations are the most popular. Did I miss this being available somewhere?

Hey Stéphane, you could export the CSV from the Relationship Manager. It doesn’t include the specific pledge duration (month vs year), but it has the Next Charge Date and Last Charge Date, if you add a column with a formula to do the former - the latter you’d get the duration between the 2, and see if it’s ~30 days or ~365. That should be enough to give you a sense of your pledges :slightly_smiling_face:

Good point, using the dates in the Relationship Manager’s is a way to make that work! Thanks for the tip.

I think this would make a valuable addition in the Earnings’ detailed export, so we could also get an historical view at the data rather than only get a snapshot of the current situation.

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I totally agree, I initially started Creator Metrics exactly for this reason (getting a view about historical data). I’d also love to get more data (from the API) to differentiate annual vs monthly historical pledges (even though I’ve come up with some internal extra logic for now), hopefully, one day… :crossed_fingers: