CSV files won't download - help! (DELETE - a friend helped!) I can't delete

Hi there,

Usually when I download the CSV of things like results from polls, it’s fine, it downloads as normal. But I’ve been trying to download my entire patronage from when i started in CSV and this is what happens from here clicking the blue button:

And when I click that I get this:

Instead of it appearing in my downloads folder as a file. What is happening? It’s not much use to me like this.

Hi @artbyemilyhare - are you still experiencing this issue?

It still does this with the clicking of the button but I ended up right clicking the button and it worked that way. (Maybe would be good to infer that right clicking the button will produce this result if the button doesn’t work).

DELETE - a friend helped!

As someone who runs help forums for 20 years … Please don’t ask for questions to be deleted just because the problem was solved. Say how it was solved and let it stay there so it can help others too. Most problems don’t just come up once.

Also, I can confirm the issue. The CSVs are downloaded in some places, but not in others. I can replicate it in the earning section for example. This is server configuration issue and may or may not be intentional. Usually, a link in the browser will open in the same browser window. In order to make it an automatic download, the website has to tell the browser that, which isn’t happening here.

By the way: Technically, what you see in the browser window IS the CSV file. You can just copy and paste it, save it as CSV from a text editor and you have your CSV. Just a general tip. The SAVE AS … as described is probably the better solution in this case though.

Sorry yeah, I was having a total mare of a day and doing ten things at once! I figured that the text I was seeing was the CSV, however there was no information on how to get that into a CSV. There’s obviously a glitch here - and if someone like me doesn’t know how to do it and there’s no information on Patreon to help, then they need to add that to their help files!