Custom Payout Amount Feature Suggestion

Recently, I’ve had trouble with transferring payout from Patreon because of the financial law / limitations of Paypal Japan. Since the amount is a bit big, it is impossible for me to get the money since Paypal is returning it back to Patreon. Please kindly add a feature where you can split / choose the amount you want to withdraw.

It’s also hard to get hold of Patreon support and it takes days to get a response so I feel that this issue will repeat again in the future if the total pledge amount is big. It would be very helpful if Patreon can add this custom payout amount feature.

Thank you.


That would be definitely a nice feature to add, there are other case scenarios. Imagine you are also supporting other creators, you would want to hold some money on your balance to pay those subscriptions.

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Hey @rainbowholic, so sorry your message was missed! If you’re still having trouble with your payouts, please send me a DM! I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

i still have some trouble with the payout. i’m in contact with the patreon support (dave) already they said that mid week, the payments team should be able to help us. really hoping they could split the payment soon so we can start the rewards fulfillment for patrons. ;__;

Glad you’re in contact with the support team! I’ve just read your DM too, I will get back to you there.