DAE have issues with posting pictures that rotate without you wanting them to?

We’ve had this issue more often than I’d like - when we post images inline of a text article, the uploader will rotate the photos 90 or 180 degrees, and there’s no way to unrotate them in the uploader.

Is there an obvious cause or fix for this? What has been your experience with it?

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Were the photo’s taken with a phone? I generally have this issue with phone photo’s as there is data in the photo that determines the
orientation based on how you take it on your phone. The way to solve this is to crop the photo ever so slightly on your phone gallery editing software (or on a desktop program) and it will change the orientation. A pain, I know, but that’s how it is. I get
this issue a lot when posting phone photo’s to Hootsuite. Some programs work fine, some don’t.

Hopefully that helps some.


Interesting! I think they were and editing them did “fix” it so I can’t be too upset. Thanks Temrin!


@Temrin saves the day once again! But this pains me to read that you have to do the work around. @JordanB is this happening when you try and post on the mobile app? Or when you’re on desktop trying to upload phone photos?

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No problem! I’m not really sure what is required of a website to get the orientations of photo’s correct without it being messed up by the phone data. Some seem to be able to put it right, some don’t.

Hopefully Patreon tech folks can figure it out. It is definitely an aggravating problem when it happens. (And you can’t always take photo’s from a phone in a way that matches the default orientation the phone has, but i believe you CAN look up that info for the phone you have and figure out what way the “natural” orientation is and try to take photo’s that way in the future when you can. I just crop. Easier to remember for me. XD )

These particular photos had a journey - phone to phone to google drive to downloaded to posted.

I double checked with our team on this one, and they said when a photo is taken, the orientation of your device is captured and encoded into the file. This is what determines whether or not the photo is displayed vertically, or horizontally. When you upload your image to Patreon, our system reads that data to determine the orientation of the file.

If you’re finding that the image isn’t displaying in the way you’d prefer, you’ll need to rotate the file using image editing software before uploading it to Patreon.

Here’s an article that others have found helpful in the past: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/entry.php?713-Why-is-my-picture-turned-sideways

And here’s free editing services you can use online: Adobe Spark

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Mindy!

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