Dangerous 'Remove' Link

When I edit an early access post, I can see this on the side:


I wasn’t sure what the “Remove link” would do, but it deletes the delayed public access without confirmation. There is also no way to get it back–I can’t add ‘early access’ to existing Patron-only (or select tier) posts. Now I’ve got a post that will never be seen by the wider world!

I’m not sure what to do to go back. Do I need to create a completely separate, duplicate post that’s not visible to higher tiers?

I would really, really like the ability to edit the early access schedule. This really needs some love. :frowning:

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Thanks for bringing this up, @michaelprescott! I’m not the expert on this area of the product but I’ve recorded it to discuss in our Feedback meeting. I’ll report back with any updates or thoughts.

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