Declined patron is back, same tier, but the numbers don't add up

Good evening :slightly_smiling_face:

I need some help here because I’m a little bit confused . :smiley:

So recently, my patron got declined on November 1st, but came back today november 20th.

While my patron was declined, i edited my tiers: changed the currency from US dollar to Euro. IDK if that’s relevant.
So, the patron was pledged to a tier that was 10 USD. Now it is 10 Euro (because I changed currency).
10 Euro is 11.86 USD. Before they got declined, it said on my front page i was making 9 USD a month. Sounds about right, since they were in the 10 USD tier.

And now after changing currency, on my front page it says i’m making 7 Euros a month. which is 8.30 USD. But why does it say 7 Euro when my patron is pledged to the 10 Euro tier? shouldn’t it say something towards 10 Euro? At first i thought they changed tiers, but they didn’t (i asked them. Same tier).
Also, is the VAT already included in my fixed tier prices, or does it come on top of that?

Ugh i’m lost… This is so confusing. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey @samarasArt - I know these numbers can be a bit confusing.The earnings number on your creator page are approximations of your monthly, or per creation earnings, and patronage. The earnings number listed on your page will fluctuate as patrons come and go, and as we retry declined payments throughout the month - like you experienced. While you can use this number as an estimate of your earnings, it will constantly be adjusting throughout the month.

Hope this helps! This help article has more info: