Delayed Updating of Patron Statistics - Bug? Or Intentional?

I’m just wondering. Since some months ago (when you guys updated something in the Patreon backend), the lifetime support sum for each Patron no longer increments in a timely fashion when they get charged.

So just like today, I’m now often running into the problem of Patrons asking when I take action (elevate their accounts on my site, or unlock things for them), since they correctly see that the payment went through on their side, yet on my side I have no way of verifying this. I usually glance at the lifetime support sum to see if everything went through correctly (especially if they’re new, to make sure they’re actual people and not bots, which is still a big issue), and then do my things.

But since you updated this bit, there is a delay of several days between you having collected their funds, and that number updating. Even directly visiting their profile pages simply lists something like: " Lifetime Support: $NaN " which sadly is not very helpful at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So I have to tell them “Sorry, but I really, really have no idea because Patreon doesn’t give me any data about this yet, please be patient! :cold_sweat:”.

Is there any way you can accelerate this / restore the behavior back to how it used to be on Patreon for many years, or is there a technical limitation for the delay now?

yes… i have the same problem… i have a prepared document with video links waiting to send to those that have paid… but only getting an ‘OK’ isnt really confirmed payment, so need to see who has paid before i can reward them with video access.

Patrons see the 1st of the month has passed and waiting for me to send them stuff… makes us creators look a bit unorganised when really its not the case.

Im not dissing the platform - its awesome and im happy to pay a percentage of subs to keep it going and do all the stuff i would need to figure out to do had i managed payments and posts on a website. This lagging aspect is something that niggles. Also as posted previously, it would be great if payments are made immediately instead of patrons waiting for the 1st of the month.

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Yup. I have this same issue all the time. There is a huge lag between when something happens and when everything on the creators side actually reflects it. Sometimes notifications don’t even show up when people pledge or leave and it takes forever for things to update everywhere. It is really confusing. I have directly asked some patreon staff here on these forums about these issues but have yet to get a response on the matter. :confused: Hopefully one will be had at some point soon.

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Patreon just announced plans to grow, I haven’t noticed the delay to always be there and I am sure they are planning on improving their site.

I’m sure they will. It’s been an issue for quite some time for some of us so sometimes it is hard to see growth when responses feel far and few between from staff sometimes. But i have faith they will do great things :slight_smile: I’ve been using patreon’s service for many years and i don’t plan to stop soon!

2019 and this issue is worse than ever. It’s two weeks into the month and this field still hasn’t updated for many of my patrons.

I’m actively trying to convince my patrons to move to my other payment processor because Patreon seems to just not care that their API is busted and returning false info. Devs just tell me to file a support ticket, support says they’ll tell the devs. No ETA, no confirmation they’re actually working on it.

Nothing is getting done and it is super frustrating.

Hi @SkyCorp, I actually just got an update about 15 mins ago from the devs that they are working on a bug related to this! I can confirm it’s a high priority issue and they are actively looking into it. The current bug is very different to the one stated in the forum thread from October 2017. I think there are two issues in this thread now; one that Patreon statistics are sometimes slow to update, and a current bug where the lifetime amount of Patron is showing $0 for new patrons. I apologize for the frustrations this issue is causing and will keep this thread updated with any progress.

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Thanks @mindy! I think my confusion was that as of a few days ago, I was also seeing this happening for existing backers, but that appears to be resolved now.

Regarding the longstanding 2017 issue of slow updates - still happens. Pretty consistently takes 24~72hrs for the lifetime field to be updated after a payment is charged. Happened all of 2018, and Jan 2019 this was happening, too. The shorter this time is, the faster my patrons can get their rewards, so optimizing this would be huge for us.

In Feb 2019 this was much longer, with lifetime field for existing patrons only being updated recently. Hopefully this was a third temporary issue, as a week+ to update the lifetime field being the new normal every month would be very painful for reward fulfilment.

Regarding the new issue (New users stuck at $0) - Yes, can confirm I am seeing this version currently. Understood and very glad to hear it’s actively being worked on. Thank you

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I’ve been told the bug where patron’s lifetime value has been fixed! please reach out to me directly if it’s still showing as $0 for you.