Delete (not block) patrons

@Onyrica In actuality, it’s been longer then that, sadly. There are many other threads about this and conversations elsewhere asking for this. They used to have one, so this is extremely frustrating.

@reyna Could you shed some light on this? This is a really important, simple and basic feature and many of us are very confused why this hasn’t been on the roadmap for years. This is such a simple update that would make a lot of our lives easier and prevent us from dealing with alienating patrons because of those block emails (You folks can say it doesn’t specify who it was from all you want, as we’ve said countless times, it’s not hard to figure out who blocked you. It shouldn’t send an email if there is a block and unblock within like 30 minutes holy moly. This is one of the simplest updates folks have been needing for years and I’m so frustrated because the button used to exist!!! :weary:)


I’m still hoping for an answer on this too!

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I’ve been waiting for a real answer on this since the option to delete was removed. I don’t think we ever got an explanation for why it had to go in the first place.


The longer this post sits here, the more any of our requests look like a joke.
Patreon doesn’t care what Creators want. That much is becoming blatantly obvious.


This is a way to discourage us from deleting patrons. They know we won’t do it if the patron is going to be informed that they were blocked. That allows Patreon to pump up the number of patrons to show their venture capitalists.

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It really does seem to be the only explanation, doesn’t it? Sigh…