Deleted Comments Still Clogging Up Feed

I have a pinned Quick Start guide to help new supporters get started. One supporter made a reply, which I responded to, but the issue has now been resolved so I deleted the comment. The reply is gone, but it still shows that the patron and I replied, with the note “deleted” in the place of the comment.

Could we change it so that deleted comments are removed entirely so my pinned post doesn’t show two deleted comments underneath, clogging up the flow of my page?

Thank you!


Hey @Scarlett - just to confirm, do you have a pinned post on your Patreon page or on a Discourse thread? Thanks!

This is a pinned post on my Patreon page.

It looks like this:

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@Scarlett thank you for the screenshot, this is super helpful! I’ll escalate this to the team asap.