Deleted Pledge not showing up

Hello! There’s been an issue I’ve noticed ever since starting my Patreon. Every now and then, and at least once a month a patron deletes their pledge and it doesn’t show up in the notifications. I understand you could opt out of taking the exit survey, but them not showing up at all in the notifs doesn’t make sense to me.
At the same time I do sometimes see an exit survey pop up, but nothing in the notifs. There’s numerous reasons why this is bothersome for me and I’d like to know if that’s a bug or if someone can really opt out of their deleted pledge showing up?

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I’ve seen this when someone deleted their accounts. I keep close track, so I can determine which exit survey matches which deleted pledge.

I haven’t seen it recently, but in the past, I have seen patrons ‘vanish’ without notification if they deleted their account.