Deleted pledges still showing as "active"

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I have a Patron who deleted his pledge back on 23rd March, who is still showing as “Active” in the relationship manager. Will this correct soon? I know that payments are being processed at the moment, but I have not noticed that a deleted pledge shows as “Active” before. The last charge date shows as being on 1st March, which I expect. We are on the “Charge upfront” option.

The Patron had already warned me that he could no longer support my Patreon (which is fine by me, he has given me a lot over the last year), but I want to make sure I don’t include him in my monthly Patreon benefits.

I know that I can use the “track benefits” feature, which I do make use of. He doesn’t show in there. However, I like to use the Relationship Manager to double check all my Patrons, as it gives access to much more information (and in context, with filters) than the “track benefits” page.


^ This shows in the “notifications” page

^ This is the relationship manager, where the first two Patrons have been charged already.

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Hi there @TeamJemjie, thanks for the post! Sadly I won’t be able to help you with this one in the forum as it’s about patron payments. Please reach out to our support team who’ll be able to go into details with you about specifics that relate to your account :slight_smile:

Answer for anyone watching. I just had to wait for a few days, another thing to not bother looking at until a few days after the 1st I guess.

The icon has now changed to “Past Patron” and the monthly pledge amount has been changed to a dash.

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