Design and preview Merch on Patreon

Hi creators,

This week we released the ability for you to design your merch item right in the product and preview it in realtime. Many of you requested quicker and easier ways to preview your artwork without waiting on us to generate the digital proof, so we’re really excited to now give you the power to see your changes as you make them.

Once you choose which item you want to offer, upload your image or artwork and choose how you’d like it to print on the item. Our designers have selected some of the most popular placements for each product that will give you easy options that look great with your design. You now have a better sense of what your artwork will look like once it’s printed!

We recommend that you save the preview image by clicking on the “View full size” link under the preview. This will open a new tab and allow you to download the image to use in patron only posts, social media mentions, and to use for any merch promotion you have planned. We know both fans and patrons love to see what your exclusive Patreon merch looks like.

Another thing to consider is adding or updating your tier image so that it shows the image of your merch item. For those of you who want to show off your merch to fans and patrons, It’s an easy way to highlight the merch item associated with your tier.

To see if you’re eligible for Merch for Membership, head on over to your creator page editor.

Cheers and happy creating!



That looks great! Now I just wish I could offer merch to people who stay 6, 9 or 12 months and not just to those who stay 3 months. Because for me that means I can only offer the sticker and I think my fans would love a mug or shirt.


Thanks for the feedback, ArtwithFlo! We’re currently researching supporting more intervals, including recurring quarterly rewards.


That’s really exciting news! Can’t wait :smiley:

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