Details on Accounts I Follow and Sponsor

Could we have a way to take the people on the follower list, and sort/filter them based on various details?

Like, how close each is to fulfilling a goal, if one just revised their tiers, etc.

Similar functionality could also be helpful on sponsor side, like have a column in a table that tells me when someone last posted.

Might be a handy way to look at accounts at-a-glance, compare and contrast them, etc.


Hi there @grifkuba, thanks for making this feature request. Can you share a little more about why you’d like this? do you have some examples of where you’ve seen this before? Then I can share it to the product team :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @mindy,

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m using patreon-sponsorships as a way to help out people who are in my community, as a reward for them helping us out (see below), of those that peak my interest, provide a service I am using, etc.

And as part of that, I follow a lot of people on Patreon without sponsoring them just yet, and seeing who is closests to completing their goals, among other details, would help me decide who to sponsor next, when I get my next raise and/or tax refund check.

I was thinking about doing it on my own via spreadsheets, but it is kind of impractical for me, since I’m following 30+ of them.

(I’ll be honest, this might be more useful as a customer, rather than a creator. But I fall under both categories of user :smiley: )

I haven’t seen it before, but if needed, I can draft up some ideas on how I see it working and can send it to you via here or Discord Direct Messaging.

Thank you for listening,

For reference: we have an application form to be hired by us, and most people get hired as a volunteer. Those who get hired to be paid, have us sponsoring them on Patreon as a possible way of getting paid. The other options include subscribing on Twitch and paying directly, the latter of which has some legal issues we need to worry.


Ahhhh that is a big help, thank you for explaining @grifkuba! so this is a feature request as a patron, not as a creator. To repeat it back to you to make sure I got it 100% right - you’d like a way to see of all the Patreon accounts you follow, which ones are nearest to certain goals or milestones to help you decide who to next become a patron of. I’m guessing you’d like to see patron count, $ amount (if the creator has opted for that number to be public), and/or if they’re near to hitting whatever goal they set?

I’d love to hear your ideas! Put them in this thread then lots of folks can see them L)

you are welcome!

Yes. That would be accurate and you are pretty much 100% correct.

If this ends up in a table format, I could see columns including, but not limited to:

  • Patreon Count
  • $ amount (if disclosed)
  • Timestamp of Latest Posting / Time since last posting
  • Amount they have to meet one or more of their goals, milestones, etc.

Maybe the row can be expanded to include details about their tiers, goals, milestones, anniversaries, brief history, etc. once clicked


the rows can be sorted by the header cell in a column

I don’t want to put too much in the table, since potential patrons can always visit the page itself for a more in-depth look of a creator.

I’ll reply again if I have more to add to this idea.