Different strategies for support-driven vs benefits-driven patrons

Hey everyone! So after looking back at some polls over the past year, I think it’s safe to say that my patrons are primarily support-driven. I know that benefits-driven and support-driven are the two types of patrons—but how do we change our memberships depending on that information?

I’m doing the Benefits Revamp with a group of creators. So I’m already restructuring my tiers and revamping my page. Are there rewards or strategies or language to use/not use with support-driven fans?

I’m a podcast—which makes sense, as my listeners are very connected to my life and my ups/downs.

Would love to know if Patreon has any data on this? They tell us to avoid donation/support language to describe our memberships.


While i’m not patreon staff, i would say that if your patrons are more support motivated, i would make sure that the information on your page really emphasizes what their support actually does for you. That way it’s super clear and feels good to know what they are actually doing for you. Not just “you help me do this for a living” but like, what specifically? Pays your bills? Can you live comfortably? Does it afford health insurance? Does it help you get new/better equipment? Does it help you afford to collab or look at some other cool options for podcasts? Does it help pay for hosting/internet necessities/cool new features like crowdcast, live podcasts, etc.

I see some of your goals have this, though you’ve only got two at the moment. It might be good to add a few more so people can really see what the future might hold. Maybe put a little more in your about section about how it helps you beyond just that you can do this for a living and that it’s awesome.

Hopefully that helps a little :slight_smile:


First off waves @manwhorepodcast!

I’ll tag @laurab into this too, but Temrin has this right. We find that support language “please give” or those things isn’t as compelling as telling your fans what their support allows you to do. It could be buying a new microphone, or allow you to pay off bills, or even to spread the word of the work you’re doing in more places. Fans will also be excited to pay for travel if it makes your main show better.

Because your fans also know you’re about celebrating all forms of sexuality, you can also have that be part of your clarion call too – touting that you’re building a movement and this is part of that. One person I think that does a terrific job of the support motivation is Gynostar, who has a feminist web comic. https://www.patreon.com/gynostar – you read that and know the emotion of what you’re supporting too.

Thinking good thoughts! You can also start looking at language side by side and share with folks here.