Different thank you messages per reward?

Hey all,

This might already be a feature that I didn’t know about, but I want to add custom Thank You messages for different rewards.

Basically I want to make an option where users get a discount in my shop for being a certain tier supporter.

Is this an option already that I didn’t know about? How is the best way to go about this other than messaging people with a coupon code or something?



Yeah this would be great. I’ve been using Bonjoro to do this but having it happen automatically makes perfect sense.

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thank you, great idea that makes complete sense! I’ll pass it on to the product team.

Woah! That’s neat.

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Whaaaa? What’s that?


This is their Patreon directory link. It is a (paid) app to send patrons a thank you video. The integration with Patreon is pretty good, when someone signs up I get a notification to send them a video. I just send out a quick thanks message.


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This is an idea I could get behind. We also use Bonjoro, but the text messages we send out could certainly be customized. It would allow for far more personalization and customization, allowing for greater patron member engagement.

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Hi! I had an idea in which based on the tier the person joined, they would automatically get a download link to a digital reward based on their tier. However, I realized the thank you message is for all Patrons. Is there a way to set it up so certain tiers get certain downloadable rewards automatically?

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Hey @daitomodachi, welcome to the forum! So sorry I missed this post before.Thanks for the idea - I added it to an older thread about this same thing :slight_smile:

(Not sure if I should post to this topic or make a new one)

I offer a digital download benefit to Patrons who are on a mid-tier or above. I would really appreciate the ability to put the instructions on how to download their benefit on a customised “thank you” message/page without it appearing for Patrons on a lower tier.