Different thank you messages to different tiers

I asked this a while back but my topic disappeared somewhere along the way. Is there a way to give different thank you messages to different tier choices? I want to give a different % off of my Etsy store to different tier levels using a coupon code and figured the easiest way to do that would be through a different thank you message for each tier.

Is this a feature? If not it totally should be, would be an easy way to reward that tier automatically.


Oh yes, I was thinking about this when I started setting up my own page. I wanted to give different tiers a different thank you message/image to reflect the tier they chose. Instead I had to opt to make tier restricted posts. This would be a nice quality of life feature!

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I have a NOTES file on my phone with messages pre-typed for different tiers. Every week or so, I’ll message the new people which has a welcome and a tier discount code.

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Similar to @brianchristopher, I have pre-written “thank you” messages which are customized by tier and sent manually via private message. To avoid having to copy-and-paste, I use Keyboard Maestro, though aText is simpler and cheaper. (Both are Mac-only applications, but there are definitely similar applications available on Windows.)

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