Discord bot connecting multiple Patreons to one Discord server?

Hey all, I have a very specific question about the Discord integration… I’m hoping some of y’all have run into this use case.

I run a couple of Patreons and would like subscribers to get a specific role on my Discord community server. Let’s say I want to assign a “patron” role on Discord to patrons of any of my patreons.

The question is: if a patron subscribes to BOTH Patreons, and then leaves ONE of them, will they

  • Lose the role because the bot sees them as having “left Patreon” (even though they’re actually still subscribed to another Patreon and I would want them to keep the role)? Or
  • Keep the role because the bot sees they are still subscribed to at least one Patreon that affords this role?

Does anyone have any idea about how it would behave? That would be super helpful…
Thanks! <3

This will likely cause complications. Below answer from LiraNuna from some time ago explains potential issues:

So you could try creating separate roles for each page.

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Thank you so much, that is exactly the answer I was looking for! I actually already have multiple roles as a solution and was looking to understand if I could have less complexity, but I guess I must keep it the way it is and that’s fine. Thank you so much again! <3

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