Discord bot got bugged?

Just had an odd issue, I wonder if anyone else experienced this now. So I did the Patreon Discord integration a couple of days back, everything worked fine. But now I see that some people for some reason lost their role. Checked the audit log, absolutely nothing there about anyone losing their role.

Did anyone else experience anything similar?

Hi there, thanks for making the post! This kind of thing is best handled by the Patreon support team as they’ll be able to look into your account in detail. Please send them a note here. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been having a lot more problems about Discord bot than just that. That does happen to me, but not only that but it doesn’t allocate any newcomers into an appropriate role at all. For a long while my mods and I have to do it manually.

Also, for some reason, when a patron unpledges to me - they automatically get invited to my Discord server, without to their knowledge even, most often than not. Which is incredible considering that it’s also been a random occurrence that whenever a patron pledges to me, they DON’T get the automatic invitation despite the fact that they’ve linked their Discord to their accounts.

So yeah it’s just a big crapshoot in my side of things but maybe it’s just me, because I don’t hear these complaints from other creators.