Discord Bot needs URGENT Update

Hi guys!
So, basically yesterday I run into a major problem that I think it’s right now the absolute worst.

Two people that got their account banned from Patreon for commiting Fraud (probably because they used fake credit cards or stuff like that), were able to, for two days, access the full +50$ reward (with the fake credit card obviously), access to Discord, get the Discord role, and even with their accounts banned from Patreon for fraud, they were still having their special Discord role.

So, other platforms such as Twitch have implemented in their bots the function to remove the Role from subscribers that they have stopped subbing and they’re not supporting anymore, and in this specific case, they didn’t even subscribed at all in the first place, and got their accounts banned from Patreon! But not from Discord, I had to remove the role myself when I figured out who this people were.

(Funniest part was that they were obviously lying when asked what happened, but that’s another story)

So please, the Patreon Discord Bot needs update and features that are crucial to its correct functionality.
Thanks for reading!